Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flower Snack Bento

Our final ballet Summer camp was an Angelina Ballerina theme. By this time, she was really looking forward to camp, as the first three showed her how much fun they were, and that I didn't just ditch her first chance I got. She enjoyed being self-sufficient with her snack (I chose containers I knew she could open on her own) and finding the bag with her name on it each time (for putting her snack in when we first get there, then each craft as they completed it, then finding her bag again at snack time, and grabbing it to take home at the end.)

Since we had ballet class in the morning before camp, I didn't really have time to go all out with our lunch and her snack. Plus I wasn't really in the mood to try and figure out how to make an Angelina-shaped sandwich. I thought about using a Mickey Mouse cutter and just making a mouse-head, but Little Z told me that was "silly," so I didn't bother. Instead I went with a flower theme for her snack, and nothing for our shared lunch. (I opted for a shared lunch since she'd been sick and not eating as much, plus she knows she has a snack at camp, so eats less of her lunch to save room.)
Top: her snack bento
Bottom (shared lunch): half a PBH on top of a PBJ, gingersnap cookies,
black plum, carrot flowers and Ranch
The snack bento box is a Sanrio Sugarbunnies one I got on clearance, and I used a triangle silicone muffin cup (eBay) to hold the Ranch.
Snack bento: mini PBH flowers, green beans, carrot flowers,
black plum, string cheese nibblets
The green beans came from our garden. I only harvested 3 of the 6 that had grown, since I knew she wouldn't be too hungry, and I wanted to save room for the sammies.
I put the cheese nibblets into a flimsy silicone bento container (Daiso) to keep them from touching the plums.
Note her new lunch box. Purple with butterflies,
and a kitty on the front!
She didn't end up eating much of her snack. One of the girls brought fruit snacks to share because it was her birthday, so she pretty much just ate those, plus some cheese and her chocolate milk box (Costco.) I packed her snack bento into her new lunch box, even though my cooler bag still had room, what with only one EasyLunchBox in it. But she was so excited to get her own bag at the store, even though she won't be needing one for school (she's only going in the afternoons for a few hours.) And she picked out a cute little frog-shaped ice pack to go in it. It fits an EasyLunchBox (sideways, though, so I'll have to make an elastic band to help keep the lid secure,) and the little Japanese bento boxes too. I was able to put the snack bento in sideways on the ice pack, so it was able to stay right-side-up during the day.
My favorite part was how the little girls next to her got all excited about her snack. I don't know what they talked about, since I did my best to stay unobtrusive, but there were a lot of fingers on her food.


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