Saturday, August 6, 2011

WFLW - Beauty and the Ballerina

As part of our Busiest Week Ever, I cleverly stacked a ballet Summer camp right after her regular ballet class. At two different locations. So I not only needed a yummy lunch for her to eat in the car as I raced between (and for me to eat more leisurely in the lobby, during my 3-hour tour-of-duty,) but also a snack for her to eat during camp.
Top (Ballet camp snack): carrot flowers, green beans, grapes,
sandwich scraps, Cheddar Bunnies, chocolate milk box
Lower (shared lunch): my PBJ under her PBH ballerina and scraps, grapes,
broccoli, green beans, carrots. Banana for me.
After you finish admiring the adorable little snack bento box I got on clearance at The Disney Store sometime around Christmas, I would like to make a major announcement. This is the first post to actually feature some of our homegrown produce! That's right! I grew FOOD! The two (count em! Two!) green beans in her snack bento came from our aphid-infested bean plant! When I went out that morning to harvest some spinach to put in her snack (which I promptly forgot about while out there,) I noticed that everything desperately needed watering. While watering, I found these two beans! Naturally, they HAD to go into her lunch! She was SO excited! I thoroughly washed off the nasty black aphids. We also found a ladybug nearby, so hopefully s/he'll quickly grow fat eating those wee scunners! Ach! Crivens! [Sorry. For some reason, having pests on my "garden" turns me Pictish.] There are roughly ten more beans developing, but they were all way too scrawny yet.
My aphid-infested bean plant.
The black scrunge on the leaves and bean tips are aphids and aphid scat.

Since last week she shunned my packed lunch in favor of her ballet camp snack, I opted to pack a joint lunch this time, so as not to waste as much food. I made myself a PBJ with home-made mango jelly, and made her a PBHoney, and used my new (and newly found!) cookie cutter to make a ballerina. I shaved the crusts off the ample scraps and tucked them wherever they'd fit. I had forgotten to pack any cheese when I took the photo, and tucked a Baby Bell cheese in with the sammies before heading out the door.

She ate the ballerina sandwich, some grapes, and some carrot flowers.

At camp, I reclaimed my Awesome Mommy title by not only remembering to bring a Princess dress this time, but an actual [cheap knockoffBelle costume to go with the Beauty and the Beast theme! [$5 on clearance from Oriental Trading Company. Scoooore!] Best. Mommy. Evar! [Although I did have to run back to the car and retrieve it after we got there. Oops.]
She wanted to wear her dress over her ballet clothes. Since she's often overly-sensitive to scratchy clothing, I was in full agreement with her decision. Plus I knew they had AC in all the studios, so she wouldn't get too hot.
This was the best picture I could get, since she
started cranking at me to stop taking photos
once she noticed.
Last week she did the dance portion first, then crafts, but spent the whole ballet time crying. This time she asked if she could do crafts first. She did much better. She only cried over actual issues (craft wouldn't stay together, fell down and bonked, that kind of thing.) They painted cardboard 'keys' on ribbon to make necklaces, which were used to unlock a door to the 'castle' at the end of camp.

They also made little coloring books out of scrapbook paper covers and mini printed coloring pages. She loved doing that part too.
Her favorite part was making a tissue paper 'rose' using squares of sparkly white tissue paper and a chenille stem (although hers wasn't nearly as spiffy as the ones in the link.)  She ignored me for the most part (I hid at the front desk behind a pillar,) except to show me her beloved crafts.

As you can see, she ate most of her snack. I wasn't surprised to see the carrots, since she'd already had some in her lunch as well.

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