Sunday, August 21, 2011

WFLW - Something's Fishy...

I wanted to try and jazz up at least one of the lunches this week, and since only two of them would be for her, and one of those would be shared with me anyway, I opted to make a swimmy-themed one for after her swim class.
Green bean "seaweed," shark PBHs, Goldfish crackers, string cheese octopus,
carrot piranhas, apricot
I chose my shark cutter since I figured I could make at least two sandwiches with it. Which gave me the freedom to stack them or lay them both out, depending on how else I chose to fill the space. Plus I wanted to try and do different animals for each food, rather than a bunch of similar fish and then the octopus cheese.
I put the Goldfish crackers in a silicone muffin liner to keep them together and keep them dry.
For the octo-cheese, I took a stick of string cheese and sliced it in half, about halfway up the length. Then sliced it in half again. And each of those four 'legs' in half again. I used a food writer to make the face.
The last batch of carrots we got had some fairly large ones, so I was able to use a really mini fish-shaped metal bento cutter (Daiso) to cut fish from the coins (rather than try and cut planks along the carrot and punch shapes out from those.) I think they look kind of like piranhas.
The apricot was a second one taken from leftovers at Monday's free lunch in the park (she took a few bites out of it before falling asleep in the car, so I saved it.)
Top (my lunch): onion bagel w/onion and chives cream cheese, Ranch,
black plum, carrot scraps and broccoli
Bottom: leftover blueberry bagel from Monday's lunch, her lunch
She really enjoyed pulling apart the cheese-o-pus, but didn't end up eating much of anything else. Just the carrots, I think. And the Goldfish. But she still had a cold, and she tends not to eat much when she's sick. Which is why her lunch was a little sparse to begin with. She ate some more between her nap and Little Gym dance class.

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