Monday, February 21, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Shopping!

There's no theme this week (or any week, anymore) for Muffin Tin Monday, and I had planned on incorporating my husband's home-made pizza sauce and dough into an MTM on Sunday, except that our oven stopped working (we still have the 2 burners that weren't already broken. But still.) So I kind of neglected to remember to make other plans for one, and then was going to throw one together Monday, just to have something to show. But instead we went out and bought a new oven! Well... in the same strip mall as the Best Buy, there's a Cost Plus World Market and a Ross Dress For Less (which has a kitchenware section.)
So instead of making a Muffin Tin Meal, I found LOADS of great priced MTM gear!

I got the most stuff from Cost Plus -
The silicone Pig egg/pancake mold was $2, the silicone pink flower "egg poacher" (I'll use it as a muffin cup!)  was $2.50. The sets of 2 silicone "cracked eggshell" cups were kind of spendy at $5 per pair, but the flower, star and circle silicone muffin liners were a steal at $2.50 per package of 6! (12 in the mini-liner package. They also had red mini ones, which I thought I had grabbed, but I must have decided not to since I already have some small red ones.) The Ladybug Cupcake Kit was $8, and the cookie cutters were each $1 (plus they had a few other shapes that I already had.)
The Ladybug Cupcake Kit was kind of a disappointment, since the "picks" are just thick paper. And the grass wraparounds aren't as useful in an MTM (but I can use them grass-side out in a muffin cup, I guess.) And it's not like I needed another bag of cupcake mix, when I still have the ones from Christmas clearance muffin liner sets!
The Pasta was on sale for $2/bag (reg. $3,) and Chocorooms (chocolate biscuit cookie things) on sale for $1.50 (reg. $2) I can't WAIT to do some kind of transportation-themed meal with the vehicles pasta, and safari or zoo or jungle theme with the zoo pasta. Probably a fairy or garden theme with the Chocorooms!

I only found one item I HAD to have at Ross, but it was similar to something I saw and decided not to get from Cost Plus, and cheaper too! Ross also had a ton of other Easter/Spring related goodies you could use for MTMs or bentos, including a variety of Wilton cookie cutters and mini cookie cutter sets easily 40% lower than standard prices!
Blooming Cupcakes Decorating Kit $6 (reg. $10) - includes 6 silicone flower pot muffin cups, plus some medium flower  sprinkles and green jimmies. These will do nicely for Spring flowers, or a garden theme! Plus they're a little taller than regular liners, so may be flush with the lids on some of my bento boxes! Squeee!

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


  1. You lucky girl! Love the new toys! Enjoy that new oven too!

  2. Wow, awesome! I LOVE the silicon flower pots, and also the silicon "egg-shells". What fun!

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with all these wonderful treasurs.


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