Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WFLW - Improvised Bento!

Late last week and early this week, I was at my sister's house to watch her two girls (along with  my own, obviously) so she and Unka Rop could both work on the same day(s.) I could have sworn I had taken a picture of the 'bentos' that I had made for the girls last week when I went to pick up Tually from preschool, but apparently not. But I DID remember to take pictures this time! Since I hadn't brought any of my gear (boxes, picks, cutters, etc) I just scrounged in their "Tupperware drawer" for items to use as boxes.

Carrots, apple "fries," cheese sticks, grapes, sandwiches, and a sprig of broccoli for Z
 I found two ancient Tupperware square boxes (probably from my mom, from when Tupperware first came out we were kids!) And a Gladware (or Ziplock. I didn't examine the pedigree!) reuse/toss container (not sure what they're called. But basically the ones you use until the lids start warping from too many washings, then recycle.) The largest one was for Z, because she eats more.
The large one (left) and the top right one (for Pilu) have PBJ on multi-grain bread. The lower right bluish one was for Tually, and she has 1/2 sandwich total, on white bread. 1/2 of THAT (so 1/4th of a sandwich) is just buttered bread, since that's what she told me she wanted when I asked before her mom took her to school. Just in case she'd eat some plain jelly (her usual preference) I made the other 1/2 plain jelly (home-made jelly!) [Obviously, not made by me. But it's entirely possible that I PICKED some of the blackberries that went into it.]
Not very exciting or artistic, I know, but shows that you don't need lots of fancy gear to make a "beautiful lunch!"

I totally flaked on posting last week, but I made bento!
Last Week's WFLW!
2/11/11 - Since we had a busy day 2 Fridays ago, (MOMS Club craft, then a dentist appointment for me, followed by my annual physical exam) we weren't going to have time to go home to eat. Like, ever. So I made sure to pack enough to make a lunch and a snack for her (I had McD's. Shame on me!)
Top to bottom, left to right: Sweet potato chips, mixed berries, cheese nibblets, pretzel logs; peppermint, apple juice box, Onion w/Chives cream cheese cup; sliced ham, mini pita pockets
I used a little freezer pouch from Rubbermaid that I had found on clearance at Target a while, back, but I had to cut it loose from the sheet. It leaked in the middle compartment, which was kind of frustrating. I guess they're only supposed to be cut into strips of little cooler pockets, rather than individual. Bummer. Luckily everything in that compartment was in manufacturer packaging, so no food was ruined.

2/1/11 - I didn't prep ahead for Tuesday's after-gym lunch, so I threw something together last-minute in my EasyLunchBox.
English Muffin PBJ, PBHoney sandwich "fingers," String Cheese, "Crunchy Peas" (Pea Crips, I think they're called,) strawberries and blackberries

Bento Lunch

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