Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WFLW - I {Heart} Bento!

For this week's after-gym-on-Tuesday bento, I went with a hearts theme. I had originally planned on making a hot air balloon in the sandwich compartment, but there wasn't room for the meatball biscuit pockets I had made, and the mini-pita halves didn't fit the right way either. I guess I could have done half a hot-air balloon with half of the basket, but I didn't think of it at the time. I had a clever name for the lunch too... I'll think on it and maybe try again next time.
Her Lunch: I {Heart} Bento
Ham and mozzerella mini pita pockets, pink heart with mini chocolate chips;
Carrots, green beans and Ranch; Greek yogurt with sugar sprinkles;
Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
I was super excited to finally have a chance to use my new Laptop Lunches box! The compartments with lids are water-tight, and worked great for the yogurt and Ranch!
I got the mini pocket pitas from Trader Joe's. Loving them, so far!
I used a small plastic heart cutter (from a graduated set from Daiso) as a stencil for the pink sugar sprinkles o the plain Greek Yogurt. Since honey is so messy, and I don't have a lot left at home, I decided to pack some mini chocolate chips instead of scrounging up a small container for honey to drizzle on after she ate off the sugar. I got the plastic heart box from Dollar Tree ($1/10!)
I used 2 different tiny heart cutters from a mini cutter set for the carrots and cheese. The carrots are in a set of silicone heart cups, probably from Daiso.
My Lunch:
Apples and blueberries, Meatball biscuit pocket,
Mozzarella scraps, Carrot scraps.
I had originally made the mini pita sandwiches for myself, but switched when the meatball biscuit didn't fit in her box. I figured she could eat whichever one she wanted, or a little of both, as it turned out! I tossed in some leftover McD apples to fill space, with plastic grass baran, which is always a big hit with the kids after class. We ate next to girls who also usually stay and eat after gym. The older one loved the plastic grass and asked if she could keep the second piece of it (Z had the first) after she and her sister had played with it. I chose my bunny bento box ($3 from Daiso!) in honor of the Chinese New Year.

She hurt her foot somehow while jumping on a trampoline. I had been watching her at the time and didn't see her foot twist or anything weird, so I don't know what happened. But she limped around all day, so I know she wasn't faking it to get out of class early. She still wanted to stay and eat her beautiful lunch, and we had time to kill before my eye doctor appointment. I didn't think her foot required immediate medical attention, so we hung around and ate while I determined that while her foot hurt, it wasn't serious. Maybe a minor sprain or something.
Making a "Monster Mouth" with the baran
After eating all the sugar sprinkles off the yogurt, she added the mini chocolate chips.

She ate the veggies plain, but dipped my apples in the Ranch... and ate them.

We usually get a small candy from the fundraising table (the competition gymnastics team buys in bulk from Costco and marks it up some to raise money to go to meets and such.) Today she chose a blue raspberry Tootsie Pop. She loved how it turned her tongue blue, and made me carry her to the bathroom (since her foot hurt) and lift her up so she could admire herself in the mirror. Several times.
Bento Lunch


  1. I love the heart sprinkles over the yogurt! How fun you made one for yourself, too! Great idea!


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