Sunday, February 6, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - (Food) Stealers vs. (Tummy) Packers

Since I had already done and posted another Muffin Tin Meal this week (upon request of The Princess,) I had toyed with the idea of skipping it this weekend. But then I had the brainstorm of doing a Superbowl-themed one, and decided to give it a (weak) shot! I mean, how perfect, to do a Superbowl-themed meal on Superbowl Sunday!
Since my plans would require a little cooking, and I knew we probably wouldn't have time to prep and eat the pockets Sunday morning, before leaving for the Superbowl party, I did some prep Saturday night. It's not like she was going to sleep any time soon! Sheesh.
"Popcorn" (Trader Joe's corn puffs,) Ranch, "Astroturf" (green beans,) "Football Field" (Greek yogurt with frosting,)
Peanuts, "Football" (Ham and cheese biscuit,) "Rival Teams" (blackberries and Raspberries)
Steelers colors are yellow, black and white. Packers colors are yellow, dark green and white. So easy to tell apart!
I chose the yellow spoon randomly to match the team colors. [I actually made the whole tin up, served it to her, tried to take pictures of her eating it, got yelled at to stop taking "pichurs ah my byoofuh nunch!" and then came and looked up the team colors. Teehee.]
She chose the Reynold's Staybrite PolkaDot muffin liners, and one Dollar Tree Valentines liner.

I was trying to think up Football-y things, which is tough, since I couldn't give a fig about Football, and know very little about it. Beer. Snacks. Hotdogs? Helmets. Shoulderpads. Football. Field. Tackling.

Popcorn and Peanuts: I chose easy snacks. I don't know for sure that they sell these at games, but they do for Baseball. I opted to use some Trader Joe's cheese corn puffs instead of popping some corn, since she loves these. I fished the peanuts out of a Planter's Mixed Nuts tub.

Astroturf (and Dip): I had a hard time deciding on a veggie. My instincts were telling me that carrots felt right for this theme, but she hasn't been eating her carrots lately, and it's pointless to include a veggie if she's not going to eat it! I decided to just go with green beans and not worry about the theme. I had toyed with the idea of laying them out somehow and piping on a football field grid, but Ugh. What a pain. So I snapped them in half to make them fit... and saw that they looked like grass. Sweet! I used a plastic wedge bento container (probably from Daiso) for the Ranch dip. Superbowl parties have lots of dips! [Also Packers colors]

Rival Teams: We just got some raspberries and blackberries at Costco, and she loves them, so I wanted to incorporate them somehow. I initially had thought to lay them out in a skirmish pattern with a peanut "football," but forgot decided not to. I had them each taking up half of the muffin liner, but they shifted. Looks like the blackberries are winning! [Blackberries are Steelers colors!]

Football Field: I had toyed with using food coloring to make the yogurt green, then using white icing to make the lines, but I don't have any white icing. I do have green icing, already in a convenient little tube, so decided to just leave it. A negative image, if you will. As you can see, my piping skills are crap could be better. The yogurt is in a square silicone cup, but it fit in the muffin pan and rounded itself out. Ah well. [Also Packers colors]

Football: I made ham and cheese biscuit pockets Saturday night and left them uncooked in the fridge. Baked them up first thing Sunday morning. Yummm! Also, please enjoy the irony of using ham in the "ol' pigskin."

She was super excited about getting to eat her biscuit "sandwich." She tried to eat one raw when we made them the night before. She dug right in to the yogurt and loved having frosting on top instead of honey. She ate the middle out of half of the football pocket (and accidentally dropped the 'crust') and ate some yogurt, but little else. Not going to be a big eating day today I guess. I had planned on giving her (root)beer to drink, but forgot decided she'd probably get enough soda at the Superbowl party later.

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  1. What a cute lunch! I toyed with the idea of a football lunch, but it would have been lost on Island Boy the day we had it (and also, we're Steelers fans, and I failed to plan ahead on the black and yellow).

  2. This is so cute! I would love the biscuit too. JDaniel has just started eating astroturf. He really likes it.

  3. I love your football themed meal. As far as sports go we couldn't give a flying fig either! Happy Monday!

  4. Stopping by from the MTM link-up. I love your meal, how fun! Now following. :)

  5. Creative football biscuit!....and such pretty cupcake liners too!

  6. This is a cute muffin tin meal! How sweet that she is asking for MTM meals.

  7. That pocket looks YUM!!! Are you planning one for this year's match up?

  8. This is so cute!! What a creative idea!I'd love if you would drop by and link up to my Super Bowl Eats and Treats Party!

    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  9. Thanks for linking up your cute Super Bowl lunch to my Super Bowl Eats ans Treats Party! I love the food you picked to go in the muffin tin!

  10. Love the football! And your piping skills put mine to shame :-)


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