Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting It Out Of My Sistema!

Old Navy had a bunch of Sistema Lunch Cubes (BPA free!) for $5, and they were having a 30% off everything store-wide sale, making them only $3.50 each, plus my sister had an additional 10% off coupon, making them each only $3.15! So I got one in each color! [Turquoise, green and purple. I had purchased the pink one already before, using only a 20% off coupon.] Because the top folds back over the bottom of the box (after you snap the divider closed,) it has limited utility. Works great for something like a sandwich, or something non-drippy, like fresh veggies or something. Or, in this case, a small ice pack!
Pink butterfly water bottle
Ice pack in 'top' segment on left
Carrots and bean sprouts, strawberries, pretzel sticks, cheese
The water bottle also happens to be from Old Navy. They were on sale a few weeks ago for $3 (right before their 30-40% off store-wide sales) and I had a 20% off my purchase coupon. I got it and 2 others at a location by my sister's house. The pink Sistema was bought at a location north of my mom's but near where we went to lunch one day with my sister, and the other 3 were bought at a location by my mom's house. Old Navy much? Ironically, this was a snack to take to the mall to shop at yet another Old Navy store.

For those of you paying attention, the carrots and sprouts, strawberries, and mitten (and kettle)-shaped cheeses are repurposed from Sunday morning's Muffin Tin Meal. There are some string cheese nibblets under the Colby Jack cheese shapes, and more of the organic whole grain pretzels from Costco.

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