Sunday, February 13, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Be Mine, Valentine!

This week's Muffin Tin Monday theme is Red/Valentine's Day. This is the last week with a theme. She'll have some suggestions, but there will no longer be a unified theme each week. Awww.

Grape and strawberry skewers, Tortilla PBJ, Red Froot Loops, Raisinettes (in heart box,)
Mozzerella hearts, Carrot hearts, Red-dyed Greek yogurt w/ sugar sprinkles
I used my red heart muffin tin for obvious reasons.

PBeMineJ: I thought I had a scalloped heart cutter when I first conceived this, but apparently not. So I used my largest heart cutter for the top tortilla, and then used kitchen shears to make a larger roughly heart-shaped area around the cutter, and then hand cut a sloppy scalloped edge. I put PB on the larger one, but only in the middle, since the whole point of using a tortilla was for the pasty whiteness. I used my tiny letter cutters on tortilla scraps for the words. Strawberry jelly on the top heart, to provide contrast, and for red, which is part of the theme!

Raisinette Conversation: I got the little plastic heart box from Dollar Tree in a set of 10. Same as the plain ones I've been using, but this set has conversation heart sayings on them! I chose a red one for obvious reasons, and was thrilled that "Be Mine" happened to be on a red one! Since I needed an excuse to use the box, I scrounged around trying to find something to put in it. We had some Raisinettes left over from seeing "Tangled" on Saturday, so I put some in.

I {heart} Carrots and Cheese!: For the carrots and smaller cheese hearts, I used my tiniest cutter, from a mini cutter set. For the larger cheese hearts, I used the smallest cutter in my plastic graduated set from Daiso. I used my red Wilton Food Writer, but they are apparently not good on cheese. Since I was just too lazy didn't want to paint on cheese this time, I just left it at one.

I Pick Strawberries!: While I have a lot of heart picks, the only ones that came in RED, were some from a set at Dollar Tree. Plus they're extra long, so I could make kebabs. I chose red strawberries, again, should be obvious why. We have some mini green grapes in the fridge, and I wanted something to contrast with the berries, so these were perfect.

I thought she'd love the red yogurt with red sugar sprinkles. Not so much. She started squawking for "honey yogurt with honey on top" so I put some honey on it. No good. "NO! I WANT HONEY YOGURT WITH HONEY ON TOOOOOOOOOP!" "It IS honey yogurt! I just made it red, like the cheese." "NO! I WANT WHITE HONEY YOGURT WITH HONEY ON TOP! NOT RED HONEY YOGURT WITH RED SPRINKLES AND HONEY ON TOP!" *sigh*
She loved the red colored cheese. She licked it
for a while and asked a lot of in-depth questions
about it before finally popping it into her gob.
Tasting the red sprinkles.
She had no problems with the red Froot Loops, however. Those, some cheese, and some Raisinettes are all she ate.
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  1. Really cute lunch! Toddlers are so particular about some things are't they! Mine are the same way.

    The butterfly muffin liners you are pining for were found at Target in the dollar section last spring. I bet they have them out again this year though. Oh, they also had flowers and maybe one other pattern.

  2. Very sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love it all! The tortilla with PB&J. Looks so good!

  4. Isn't it funny how they are so particular sometimes? I made my first grade daughter a heart shaped sandwich for a special treat today, her response?
    "I don't like heart shape food." So, I cut it all in quarters, and called it a puzzle sandwich, she ate a bit. sigh. I appreciate the effort and creativity that went into the red honey yougurt with red sprinkles ;)
    Dannyelle at

  5. The tortilla strips cut out to spell words are really a clever idea! I also enjoyed your funny story about the honey yogurt!

  6. Oh that is a FABULOUS V-day meal! Great job!!

  7. I love your muffin tin meal! I want to get more 'creative' with mine like this. Yours looks so much fun it make me want to eat it. Haha!


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