Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WFLW - No Theme. Boooringggg!

For this week's What's For Lunch Wednesday bento, I didn't give myself a lot of time to prepare, and I hadn't had any brilliant theme ideas. So in the end I just tossed something together in one of my EasyLunch boxes.
Strawberries, mixed nuts w/chocolate chips, pretzel sticks, PB Honey sandwich,
Apples, Carrots, Cheese nibblets
Yes. I moved them to a square muffin liner, but those are the same strawberries that went uneaten in her Muffin Tin Meal and bento snack on Sunday.  They went uneaten (by her) again today. I finally put them out of their misery. And ate them.
I put some Planter's mixed nuts and some shelled pistachios in a heart box from the Dollar Tree (10/$1!!) And added some mini chocolate chips. She ate a few nuts, and left a few chips.
I cut the PB Honey sandwich into four fingers, which makes it easier for her to avoid the crust, without just catering to her. Plus they're fun! She ate one finger, plus nibbled on the others.
The apples are left over from a Happy Meal. I don't think she ate any.
The carrots are cut into flower shapes. I used a flimsy silicone rectangle cup from a set that was designed to fit perfectly together into a bento box. It was either from eBay or Daiso. I don't remember. I had made the carrot flowers for my Muffin Tin Meal on Sunday, but opted to use the strawberry flowers instead. She ate them all.
She ate most of the string cheese nibblets, most of the pretzels, and 6 Sour Patch Kids, which I bought after gym class as a special treat, since she did such a good job of listening to Miss Rae whenever I threatened reminded her. She also ate most of a mini bag of Cheetos, also bought after gym class, since I couldn't make change from the Honor System snacks table, so just added a little change on to my dollar to get another item.
Please note the Babylegs legwarmers on her arms.
I love her style!
We ate it in the car after gym, since we were observing at a potential preschool today, for next year. She again refused to allow photos, and the car behind me was getting cranky, once the light turned green.
So I got another passenger-side visor mirror image!

After the preschool tour (which went better than expected. And I liked the school more than I thought I would) she bounced around with the next door neighbor girl. These are not action shots. It was THAT static-y in there!
(That is my house in the background, FYI)
Bento Lunch


  1. I love your daughter's style!!! ;-)

  2. Love the heart container! I really need to make a trip to Dollar Tree!


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