Saturday, December 4, 2010

MTM - General Christmas Theme Breakfast

For the next 3 weeks, the Muffin Tin Monday theme is Christmas! Well, that shouldn't be a problem! I have a 12-hole and three 6-hole Christmas muffin tins! I have over 50 Christmas-themed cookie cutters, in mini and regular sizes, plus some special ones with textured bits and sprinkle guides. I have been sketching out ideas in my mind all week now, dreaming up some grand ideas, and deciding which one I wanted to start with for Sunday's meal.
Well. Little Princess had other ideas. At 2am she woke up and wanted to nurse. From 2 to 6am I phased in and out of consciousness, since I have difficulty sleeping with my little leech hanging off of me. At 6 she was bouncing around asking to nurse some more, and I told her I was done and needed some sleep. I made let her go play in the living room so my husband and I could get more sleep, but she kept coming back to bother me. Then she climbed onto the bed and started pushing, kicking, flopping around and sticking her nose in my face snuggling and asking for food (at first I thought she was asking for nuts, since she was whispering, but she was really asking for lunch. Awww. All my 'fancy' meals she calls "lunch," regardless which meal of the day it is.) So I got up to feed her.

So here's my Saturday-morning zombie-eyed breakfast Muffin Tin Meal!
 General Christmas Theme
Left to right, top to bottom: Tree pancake, Gingerbread Man pancake,
Toasty tree, Maple syrup, Peanut Butter, Pomegranate seeds
I was too tired to try and master cooking the pancakes in the metal cookie cutters, after my one and only abysmally failed attempt, so I just cooked up the pancakes first and then cut the shapes out.
I did toss in some fruit to make features, in the rough areas that would be cut out. So I tossed pomegranate seed "ornaments" onto the pancake that would become a tree, and 2 dried blueberries about where the gingerbread man's eyes would be.

For the toast I tried out my new plastic cutters. First I cut out a tree shape using the base cutter (not shown) and then I pressed on a tinsel zigzag and ornament shapes using the textured 'sprinkle guide' part that snaps on and off the cutter. I decided to texture it before toasting, in the hopes that the details would be easier to see. They kinda were. Kinda. Then I buttered it and used some red sugar sprinkles. (I don't think I have green, and I was far too lazy tired to look real hard for them.) If it hadn't been so early that the sun wasn't even up yet, I might have bothered to make a cheese star or done different colored sprinkles to make ornaments or something. Meh.

My husband (and therefore my daughter too) eats his pancakes with syrup and peanut butter, so I gave her some to dip her food into. To fill up the last slot in my snowflake muffin tin, I poured in some more "seeds" (it's what she and my husband call pomegranate seeds) and gave her a little spoon.
"Ohhh whass dat? A niddo maaa-an!"
She ate pretty much everything. She had a hard time with the peanut butter, since the pancakes kept sticking to it and tearing, but she ate some. The only evidence that maple syrup was ever present is a vague stickiness in the bottom of the muffin liner and a sticky wet wipe. She even dipped her pomegranate seeds in it!


  1. Maple syrup on the pomegranate seeds! That's a memorable combo :-) Breakfast food can be so much fun. I'm impressed that you were able to do such a good tin on so little sleep; I'm the type who'd have just thrown something on a plate and mechanically eaten/presented!

  2. I'm also impressed you were able to put that muffin tin together on such little sleep. I can barely make that cute of a tin well-rested! :) I think it's great.

  3. What a cute tin. Now I want pomegranates for my yogurt!

  4. What a cute tin! I want that gingerbread man pancake!

  5. This is adorable! And different than so many other MTM's- great job!

  6. I can never work those pancake molds, the cookie cutter method is far more effective! We did a Christmas book theme, hop over to my blog to enter a Christmas Giveaway of MTM foods!!!

  7. I simply cannot make those metal cookie cutter shaped pancakes either.. there must be a trick I don't know. But I think yours looks marvelous anyway!

  8. Love that tree! I just started following MTM and you! Hope you'll stop by too -

  9. Love the "ornaments" in the tree pancake and I also love peanut butter with my Delish tin! Happy MTM :)

  10. That looks like a yummy breakfast. My daughter would drink maple syrup straight if she was allowed (and no, she's not!)

  11. Wouldn't have known you were zombified by the looks of this tin. What a great breakfast. Love the pancakes and that they were decorated with fruit. I would have cut them out too. Very neat textured tree.
    Love the pictures of her eating her breakfast. She is a cutie.

  12. You've got me craving some pomegranite seeds. :o)


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