Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cake Pop Culture

Amidst all my online holiday shopping on Amazon, I broke down and finally ordered myself a copy of Bakerella's Cake Pops book! I didn't have to wait long, since they have a promotion for a free month of Amazon Prime, or a free Amazon Mom account for any parent or caregiver of a child (the Mom one also gives discounts on certain child-related products, and 30% off on diapers if you sign up for the Subscribe and Save for that product, which you can cancel any time.) Either membership gives you free 2-day shipping!

After my success [and by 'success' I mean that they weren't an abysmal failure] with the cake balls, I think I'll be ready to make treats of this caliber... oh, around never. But I had to have this book!

Little Z appropriated it immediately, ignoring the toys in the shipping carton for her cousins in favor of this book! She flipped through, checking out her options. At first she was fixated on the Panda Pops.

That is, until she saw the mini "ah-meem tones" [ice cream cones.]

"I want THREE, Mommy. One, two, three. See?
I have three fingers, so that means I want three!"
I guess I'll have to try to make these at some point. I'm scared.
Hopefully the Bakerella Fairy will swoop in and leave me with trays of yummy, perfectly formed cake pops, so my daughter doesn't vote me off the island.

I got absolutely no compensation for this post, and wrote it on my own initiative. I love Bakerella and her food art, and love that these have made her so successful. Amazon got a free plug in there too, as I'm totally loving this free 2-day shipping. It's 3 business days 'til Christmas and I was still able to squeak in a last-minute Christmas present order without paying through the nose to get it in time!


  1. That is so cute.. I'll take three.. The ice cream cones do look good..and right up a child's appetite. sugar ~ sugar and more sugar..
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  2. I love cake pops!The trick is using a ice cream scoop to form the balls!


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