Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WFLW - Bento Enough To Make A (Snow)Man

This week there's no gym class, so I made an at-home bento, just for fun!

Bento Enough To Make A (Snow)Man
Chex Mix enough to make a (Snow)Man, Sandwich Balls enough to make a (Snow)Man;
Cheese enough to make a (Snow)Man, Apples enough to make a (Snow)Man;
Carrots, olives, Ranch and green beans enough to make a (Snow)Man

Veggies Enough To Make a (Snow)Man: [play on a rhyme by Terry Pratchett]
Carrots enough to make a nose,
Branches [green beans] enough to let him hug,
Ranch enough to represent snow,
and coal [olives] for eyes and mouth, you know.

(Plus a pick from a pick/muffin liner set on clearance by Wilton for Target.)

Apples and Cheese Enough To Make a (Snow)Man: I used leftover McD Happy Meal apple slices plus a pick from a Dollar Tree store tic-tac-toe set. I got the rectangular silicone container from a set on eBay (A bunch of different shapes all forming a bento-box-sized oval.)
Monterey Jack cheese cut with my mini snowman cutter by Wilton (from a super deal for a 40-piece set at JoAnn's) and face applied with my red and green Wilton food writers.

Sandwich Enough To Make a (Snow)Man: I made the Sandwich-Man out of sandwich balls. They're really easy to make, but work best with solid fillings, like cheese and meat. I used PB and honey and got a lot of goo oozing out the backs! To make them you cut a circle out of your bread (I used biscuit cutters in 3 sizes to get descending-sized balls.) It may help if you roll your bread circle flat, but it may not. It should help to press the middle flatter before adding filling.

Then place the circle on a larger piece of cling wrap (cheapie sandwich baggies work well too!) on your palm, and slowly close your hand, wrapping the bread around the filling until the edges meet.

Once the sides meet, twist the cling wrap to tighten it into a ball. I had to let air out a few times because I was afraid it would pop, but only at the beginning of each ball. Mine got creases on the sides, but I didn't care enough to try and fix them.

I used a toothpick to hold them all together (but not really required in this case, since the PB oozing out the back stuck them in place fairly well, and we weren't packing this for travel.) Plus a hat cupcake pick from Bake It Pretty on top. I used my red and green food writers for the face.
Added some home-made Chex Mix to fill the compartment. My husband made a batch just for me, with just Corn and Rice Chex, Cheerios and pretzel sticks, since I don't love the nuts or Wheat Chex! What a sweetie!

Snow Princess loved it. She chose my new three-tier bento box (which has smaller containers, but is totally cute.)

She ate almost all the cereal in the mix, but surprisingly, not the pretzels. Those are usually what she picks out to eat!

She bit the top halves off all the snowmen-cheese, ate all the carrots (which was a shocker, since the ones she asked for after her breakfast just got gnawed on and left half-eaten) and olives (not a shocker.) I can't tell if she had any green beans. She opened the sandwich balls and scooped out most of the filling with the hat pick and took a few nibbles of the bread. She ate all the apples. Hooray! She hasn't been eating her apples lately.


  1. Thanks! I made a nice batch of Sandwich Balls for my girls' lunches this week. They're in the freezer, ready for me to pull out each night and pop into the little bento lunch trays :)

  2. I LOVE the snowman. And the jammies :) My Birdie has the same ones, I think they might be my favourite!

  3. I totally copied your snowman sandwich balls. Love this idea. Yum!


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