Monday, December 13, 2010

MTM - You'd Better Watch Out!

The theme for Muffin Tin Monday is Holidays/Christmas/etc. again. 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!
Cream Cheese Bagel Claus, Ranch,
Olives (and a mini dill pickle,) Cracker "presents,"
Reindeer food (carrots,) Apple Reindeer
I didn't get to incorporate all the things I had wanted, like an elf, stocking and 7 more reindeer ("and eight tiny reindeer") but Princess was getting antsy, and I since my cucumber had gone mushy, I'd have to do it all in cheese, which would have made this very cheese heavy.

Bagel Claus: I used a cookie cutter for the hat, then painted it with red food coloring. I hand-cut the beard, basically a triangle but I curved the cuts I made. For the mustache, I used my medium biscuit cutter to make half-circles, then flipped them to make almond-shapes. Olive slices for the eyes.

Cracker Presents: I slathered cream cheese on some Triscuits and sliced carrots to make "ribbons" and little bows. 

Apple Reindeer: I used a melon baller to scoop a hunk out of a red and green apple, then put the red chunk into the hole on the green one. I sliced the green apple just before the seeds to make a flat edge on the back of the face. I gouged small holes with my knife for eyes and the antlers, and jammed in chocolate chip eyes, and broken pretzel knots for antlers. Working with the small pretzel knots was a real pain. I had to eat at least 10 that broke in the wrong places.

 But it was all worth it in the end.She loved her "Byoo-nih-fuh Nunch." She didn't eat much of it though. She gnawed on Santa, maybe ate a carrot or two, but finished off the reindeer, peel and all!
Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth


  1. Oh my! The reindeer apple is amazing! Thanks for providing the instructions :-) I admire your patience with the pretzel knots. Must have been wonderful to see her face.

  2. Your Santa and reindeer are amazing!

  3. This meal is simply adorable! I love Santa and Rudolph! Happy Monday!

  4. Love this meal idea! The Reindeer with the red nose is great !

  5. This is such a cute meal! I love the little cracker presents. :) Well, I love it all, but Santa and Rudolph were already mentioned by others. ;)

  6. Finally stopping by to say hi and thanks so much for the feeding suggestions for my girl! She is now 8 months old so things are moving along and she's getting even more interested in real food!

    I'm excited about our Christmas swap and I'm still working on all of that! It's my first time doing one and Shannon is actually an in real life friend of mine...we go to MOPS together!

    I love your creativity and think I'll try some of your ideas on my picky two year old some time soon! :)

  7. Crazy cute tin!! I love the Santa bagel and the apple reindeer.


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