Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WFLW - I CAN Catch The Gingerbread Man!

For this week's after-gym bento, I wanted to do something fun and holiday-themed, but I needed something easy, that could mostly be prepped the night before (so not a lot of decorating with PB or cream cheese on bread or crackers, since they'd get soggy overnight.) So I decided on Gingerbread Men, since I could do everything but the sandwiches the night before, then just bang out some Sandwichbread Men Tuesday morning.
Bento Lunch
CucumberMen and carrot spears, Olives with Gingerbread Man pick,
Gingerbread Men sugar cookies with chocolate frosting.
Monterey Jackmen, Apple slices, PB-and-honeybread Men with raisin accents.
I chose the ECO Lunchbox because I needed a little more space than the EasyLunchboxes have, and could do more with 2 large open spaces and some silicone muffin liner dividers than I could with the pre-molded dividers in other boxes.

I used PB to glue down the raisins. I used half-raisins on the smaller sandwich man. The apples were left over from Monday's lunch, but I cut them smaller so they'd fit better.

We had leftover sugar cookies my sister made at our family holiday party last Saturday. I used chocolate frosting from a can that's been stored in the fridge since April. It still tastes fine. I got the gingerbread man pick from a tic-tac-toe game at the Dollar Tree... The food-safetyness is questionable, but I washed it first, so at least there's no toxic residue on it from manufacturing. In the top left corner, there's a little monkey-face mayo-container for bento that I used for sprinkles.

I used the little inner container to house a silicone muffin cup of Ranch dip and a leftover McD caramel sauce. I used my new Lunchbots Duo box (bottom left) to house the cucumber scraps, more carrots, some green beans, some crackers and the cheese scraps (and leftover leaf cheese from last week.)

Since we didn't have time for breakfast before leaving for our MOMS Club Meet and Greet, she got to eat some there. Someone else also brought some Athenos Greek Yogurt with mix-in fruit or honey as part of a House Party, so she started on that.

After eating almost all of her yogurt, I let her go for a cookie. She dumped on all the sprinkles, then used the little spoon that came with the container to scrape off all the frosting, then let me eat the denuded cookie. Yum.

After gym, she ended up eating about half of the smaller sandwich, some green beans, all the cheese men and apples (and caramel sauce. Natch.) Plus most of the olives. I ate the cucumbers, most or all of the carrots, the rest of the sandwiches and the naked cookies. And her apple rinds.
I forgot how yummy raisins were with peanut butter. I should just toss some onto my sandwiches to change it up once in a while!


  1. What a great theme and treat - between the gingerbread men cookies, the sandwiches, and those adorable cucumber cutouts, it all fits together perfectly. I especially like how you carried the idea through using so many different ingredients.

  2. Wow! You came up with a lot of fun ways to make gingerbread men!

  3. I love how many gingerbread men you packed into this lunch! hehe. The gingerbread man pick is AWESOME!


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