Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WFLW - Goldilocks And The 3.... Bunnies?

Tuesday morning we were all home sick, so we skipped gym class. I usually make a bento meal for after gym on Tuesdays, so I figured I wouldn't have a post to link this week to What's For Lunch Wednesdays. Until my shipment of new bento stuff arrived on my doorstep after breakfast! Wahoo! Picks, picks and more picks! Nori punches. Silicone cups. Cutters. And something new I've been jonesing for: Sandwich pocket molds!

Whilst watching me put away my picks in the timely new bead/floss/craft organizer box I had just bought Monday, Little Z requested a "piggy teem nunch" [piggy theme lunch.] She fished out a bunny/bear/star sandwich pocket mold set and asked for "bunny sandich. Peeduh buddah an hunee peess." So we traipsed into the kitchen to make her an at-home bento!

"Bunny Pellets" (olives,) Bunny cheese, "Rabbit Food" (carrots) with Ranch,
and Baby Bunny, Papa Bunny and Mama Bunny sandwich pockets.

I was excited to get to use my new Sassy On-The-Go Feeding Set box. I finally remembered to look for them at Target, since they are less than $6.50 there. And she was thrilled with her new pink "nunch box."

I used the bunny mold to make 3 PB-honey sandwiches. Instead of making the sandwiches, then trying to cut the bunnies out and having PB go everywhere, I punched out 6 little bread bunnies, fed the scraps to the birds, applied PB and honey to 3 bunnies, put the other 3 bunnies on top, then put them back into the mold one at a time to push the imprinter down on them. For fun, I chose some new little hat picks I just got, since Z was enamored with the little hair bow one and wanted me to use it right away. In fact, I had to stop her from just jabbing it into a bunny head several times as I was assembling the sandwiches!
Mama Bunny in the yellow hat pick, Papa Bunny in the green party hat.
and Baby Bunny with the hair bow.
Used an older bento cutter to make bunny head cheeses out of Monterey Jack, and a new bunny fork pick with some olives. If you've been paying attention, you'll notice we've been very olive-heavy lately. That's because we got 2 opened-cans-worth from Thanksgiving, and we aren't even half done yet!

I chose carrots as an obvious veggie choice for this theme, plus my leftover cucumber end and green beans all went bad, so carrots was pretty much all we had in the veggie department. Used a new little tiny silicone cuppy for Ranch, and a new leaf pick for a particularly tiny baby carrot.

She chose all the picks (except the leaf one for the carrot. She was racing to sit at the table since we were (mostly) done with making her lunch.) She chose olives instead of apples, and I didn't fight her too much, since I'm getting tired of apples too, and she'd had some pomegranate juice already that morning, to fill a fruit slot.
She appropriated a Spring bunny pick I got recently from Bake It Pretty and immediately began impaling her bunnies on it. She ate everything with a pick in it, plus the rest of the olives.

I told her the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, but I changed it to bunnies, and changed the ending. Instead of scaring Goldilocks away at the end, the bunnies lectured her on manners and not stealing, then gave her a second chance to make better choices.

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  1. Hooray for new bento goodies! :-) And for such a participatory lunch - it sounds like she really got into the process and helping. Amazing how much more appealing food can be if it is put on a pick.

  2. Where did you get those adorable hat picks? My daughter would love to see those in her lunch.

  3. I got them on eBay... shipped from Japan. Oog. Search "bento picks hat" They're $6-8 including shipping, but I ordered a pile of loot to combine shipping. I got mine from seller jstuffsale, but theirs are the most expensive including shipping. But not all importers will combine shipping, and there was a bunch of other stuff I was ordering from them that were cheaper than other sellers, so I just stuck with them.

  4. Thanks so much. It must be at least a month since I ordered bento stuff from eBay, so why not get these? So cute!

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