Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Times Between: The Many Easters of Little Z (The Aftermath)

Episodes 1, 2 and 3

4/6/2010 - After 4 days of having over a dozen dyed eggs crammer-jammered into our fridge, we decided to make devilled eggs!
Mommy's favorite - The Galaxy Egg
(Made by repeated dippings in blue and green by toddlers,
plus random spatter luck)
Deviled Eggs - from Little Z's point of view.
Step 1: Peel hordes of colored, possibly stickered, hard-boiled eggs! (Dozen? A little more? I can't count past twelven!)
Step 2: Have Daddy slice eggs in half, remove yellows. Set whites aside.
Step 3: Mash yellows up in a bowl. Sample for quality when Daddy isn't looking.

Step 4: Add some mayo. Mommy wasn't paying attention. Half cup? Mix.

 Step 5: Add in 1 tbsp relish. Or chop up some pickles. Your choice. Mix more.
Step 6: Add other stuff. Probably whatever this recipe suggests. Only doubled for ours. Wander off while Daddy finishes.
Step 7: Refuse to eat any, on account of being a toddler. [Samples scooped into gob during preparation don't count.]

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