Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WFLW - Boring Lunch, Fun Costume Party!

One of my moms groups had an awesome family Halloween party on Saturday. It was a dance party theme, so the kids brought a favorite stuffed animal to dance with. They provided water, juice boxes, cookies and chips; and had families bring their own lunches. So I packed up my trusty EasyLunch boxes and banged out a quickie lunch for all 3 of us (Daddy got to come too!)
Top box: Nutella roll-ups, Babybell cheese, Triscuits and mini-Saltines,
Colby-Jack cheese squares and mozzerella cheese curds
Bottom box: 2x PBJ, sliced plum, carrot sticks and Ranch
Not very fancy or exciting, I know. But I slept in and we were running late. If I'd had time, I would have cut it all up into Halloween shapes, and used some of my new Halloween picks. But the Colby-Jack was already cut up, left-over from last week's gym class bento, and the cheese curds didn't need any prep at all.

Cheese curds are something my husband has been bringing home lately. They taste like really salty mozzerella, and feel a little rubbery. They also squeak against your teeth as you bit into them, so Z calls them "squeaky cheese." She and I are both salt fiends, so these don't last long in our house! He brought home a mini tub on Friday, and they were gone before we left for the party Saturday morning! [I re-use the plastic tubs for small servings of leftovers, to store pre-cut cheese (instead of wasting a Ziplock,) and to store my mini cookie cutters.]

The Nutella roll-ups were for me, since I think they taste like donuts! I cut up a PBJ for her, but left the one for my hubby whole. I would have used the sour cherry jam a friend of ours made [She makes ribbon-winning jams in the local fair circuit - she decided to stop entering and become a judge] but I had asked my husband to make sandwiches while I took my shower, and he didn't. So he got grape jelly globs, same as Z.

I got some great little containers from Tupperware called Smidgets [recommended by Melissa at Another Lunch] from a Tupperware vendor at a local street fair. They are discontinued now, and I think they were only available as hostess gifts, so if you're interested, snap them up while you can! I saw some on Amazon and eBay too. The Midgets ones, which are still available, are more shot-glass-sized, and don't fit into the boxes. I use these for Ranch and ketchup, when needed. The lids are a little hard to get on, but you can bang them around all day and the lids don't come off, and they don't leak. And I can just keep it in the fridge and the leftover condiment is still good to use later.

The party had a surprise musical guest - Caspar Babypants! He did the local summer concerts-in-the-park this summer, and Z and I both loved his music! He is better known as Chris Ballew, from The Presidents of the United States of America. You can see his music videos at Chuck E Cheese, as well as on Youtube.
We bought both of his CDs this summer, and got to buy his new 3rd one at the party. I highly recommend his music. It's not too sickly sweet for the grown-ups (like those stupid Fisher Price Little People CDs! [all of which we own too]) and not too adult for the wee ones.

Little Z decided she wanted to be a butterfly for Halloween, so I've been assembling a costume. (Old Navy had an awesome looking Dragonfly costume for $17, but it was just a tutu and wings and wand. I bought it anyway, but I think I'm going to return it.) We found a pink flower fairy-looking dress at TJ Maxx for $10, and I have an assortment of wings I've accumulated (a red pair and purple pair from the Dollar Tree, a pastel rainbow pair from last year's Halloween clearance at Rite-Aid, and another pair that came with a wand and big hand-made tutu on eBay. I just found a pink headband that will match the dress, and it has a pink flower with rhinestones on it. So I took 2 black pipe cleaners and twisted them on as antennae.

While I was digging through her closet to find the wings, I found a fairy dress with attached mini-wings that Z's Auntie Keesee got for her when she was still in her larval stage. (It says size 4, but it's stretchy, so it fits her fine now. It's a little long, but not trippable-long. She bought it at either Justice - Just For Girls, or else Libby Lu. I forget now, and threw out the tags already.)
Since I didn't know how crowded this place would be, I decided to have her wear this one, since the wings are smaller, and that way she wouldn't ruin the other one, which is the one she chose for her costume when I held them both up the night before for her decision. She loved her costume, and kept it on the whole time.
She danced around eating her Cheetos until the band left. She ate very little lunch, but turned down M&M cookies in favor of another bag of Cheetos.
Butterfly Z and Pink Kitty (which she pronounces "Pink Titty." Tee hee.)
After the party, Z and Daddy continued North to play with a friend and his daughter, who is just a little older than Z. Then they met up with some High School friends of my husband's for a reunion/birthday dinner. [Most of them still get together regularly.] I went back home after the party and got ready for my MOMS Night Out!

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