Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Inspired by my friend Kristen, I'm doing a Costumes of Halloweens Past... She's only 2, so there's not a whole lot of variety yet, so I'm throwing in anything I dressed her up in that looks costume-like.
Halloween 2008, almost 5 months old.
Pink Monster
Yarrrrgh! Pirate Pajamas.
November 2008
Halloween 2009, 17 months
Dragon (with eyelashes and hair bow added on to look more girly)
Panty Troll [Clerks II reference]
She had unsupervised access to my underwear drawer.
She came out  with these on, saying she had put on her bibs and was ready to eat!
November 2009
Yarrrrgh! More pirates!
I got these on super cheap clearance after Halloween (I think $5 for both!) 11/09.

Captain Z, possessed by aliens, 10/2010.
She wanted to stay in her astronaut PJs for Auntie Kayra's Halloween party, and we let her.
Here she is modeling her new google glasses and purple teeth from her goodie bag.
"Butterfly" at AMAT Halloween party, 10/2010.
She'll probably wear this or a similar dress with different wings on Halloween.

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