Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WFLW - The Bees Knees

For this week's What's For Lunch Wednesday, I had planned on showing the bentos I made last Thursday for Z and my nieces (we stayed with them from Tuesday through Friday.) But my camera was locked in my sister's trunk that day and we were in a hurry, so we took pics with her camera, and I haven't nagged her incessantly to cough them up yet, so I can't show them to you.
So today for after gym class, I made a fun bento in an EasyLunch box.
Left compartment: Colby Jack cheese squares and bees, mini Saltines, PB & honey flower sandwiches
Right compartments: sliced apricot, olives and frozen peas
 Today at gym class, not only did Z go into the class without me, she STAYED in class without me! I was able to sit in the waiting area with the other parents and sort my coupon folder to weed out the expireds and put in some new ones I clipped. *Joy* So I have no idea how she did, or if she behaved, or if she was overly aggressive, or what. I want her to learn how to follow instructions and obey rules from other adults, so I decided to let her tough it out today, if she could handle it.

 After class we ate lunch in the waiting room (they're really nice at this gym and let you eat, as long as you vacuum up any messes.) After admiring the bees, she went for the olives. [What a shocker.] She admonished me for mixing them with peas, saying she doesn't like peas in her olives. Ah well. Lesson learned, Mommy.
I don't think she had any apricot, even after I showed her she could skewer it with her olive pick. ("No mommy, no! Dat's for awwiffs!") She ate a bunch of cheese, some crackers (not together, which had been the purpose of making small cheese squares. Otherwise, I'd just go for whole grain crackers.) She let me eat the large sandwich flower, then she ate all the bees. I ate most of the apricot, and many cheese and crackers. She had a chocolate Silk soy milk box to drink. (Because I don't have to worry if it gets warm, like I would with milk; and it doesn't leak when placed (sealed) sideways in my cooler bag, unlike the Playtex NO-LEAK insulated sippy cups. And it's healthier than juice.) While we were eating, her friend Tora from my MOMS Club came for open gym, and wanted Z to come play. Z wanted to finish eating, and then wanted a "chewy bar" (any kind of chewy granola bar - Quaker, Fiber One, etc) since she saw one of the moms from our class eating one, so we went to the snacks for sale in the lobby and found a CLIF Kids Chocolate Brownie bar that she settled for and gobbled down. I only got a crumb (that I picked off her pants) so I didn't really get a good taste, so I can't tell you if it was any good, but she ate the whole thing, so it's kid approved at least! (I prefer Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bars because they have the best fiber-to-carb ratio of any granola bar at the time I compared them all 5 years ago, and they taste fantastic. 9 grams of fiber per bar! Many a painful, uncomfortable moment was relieved within hours after having a yummy chewy bar!)
The bee cutter came in an insect set by Harold's Kitchen, but it looks to be unavailable. My set was actually smaller, with just the bugs, and I got it at a boutique kitchen store when Z was around 10-months old. [I also got my C is for Cooking book and some colorful mini colanders (originally for Z to play with as kitchen toys, but I use them to rinse berries. I let her have the smallest one.)]

After lunch, we went shopping and got some awesome toy deals at Fred Meyer. Their Littlest Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony toys are all Buy 1, Get 1 Free (BOGO) AND Hasbro just put out some coupons in the Sunday paper 2 weekends ago. [Barbie are all BOGO too, but these 3 toy lines are mix & match with each other, but not with Barbie.) So I bought a $23 Rainbow Dash remote-control airplane [rolls, doesn't fly] and got a $23 Littlest Pet Shop Paw Powered Cruiser free, PLUS I had a $5 off the Rainbow Dash RC Flyer, so I go them both for $18 plus tax. THEN, I got one of the little $5 LPS sets (some with 1, some with 2 pets, with accessories/props) and a 2nd one free, PLUS I used a BOGO coupon AND GOT THEM BOTH FREE! (Just had to pay sales tax on the one I was "buying" originally.)
I needed some construction paper so we could craft some Halloween decorations, and while in the stationary section, I saw some Crayola Color Wonder activity sets, regularly $20, on sale for $10. Only the Snow White and Spongebob ones were this price. And they had an in-store coupon for 20% off any $20 art supply, stationary or scrapbook purchase. So with 2 sets and my $2 paper, I got $42 worth of stuff ($22 on sale) for $17.50. And I can save the second set for some birthday present for someone. (Without adding the second set, I would have just got the one plus my paper for $12, so basically the 2nd one only cost me $5.50. She already has a Spongebob set, so I didn't want to get another of that one, but it seemed worth it to get a set for someone else for that price!)

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