Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Times Between: The Many Easters of Little Z (Episode 3)

Episode 1 Episode 2

4/2/2010 - Since we had plans on Saturday to go to an Easter Egg hunt out by my sister, Auntie Kayneen, Z and I drove around the peninsula to her house Friday after lunch. Daddy, who works within walking distance of the ferry terminal, took the ferry across after work and we picked him up.
My sister and I decided (and the menfolk got pushed into agreeing) that since the kids don't know any better, we could just do Easter on Saturday, when the Egg Hunt in the park is, and have it done with. When they're older we can do it right, but for now they had more fun and excitement experiencing Easter and rooting through their baskets together than they would have by themselves Easter morning.
Since it's a 90-minute drive out to Kayneen's house, we spent Friday night there, rather than try and race up Saturday morning just in time to miss the crazy early Egg Hunt (which lasts about 0.2 seconds once it starts.) Somehow, the Easter Bunny (or *Easter Hippopotamus, depending on who you ask) knew we were there, and delivered Z's basket to our room!
Too young to remember last Easter, she's trying to figure out
what's going on with this basket of candy and toys!
Jellybeans? Assimilated into the collective!
Cadbury Creme Egg: Breakfast of Champions!
 My sister had stayed up late to stuff eggs for a practice run Egg Hunt inside. She would like me to note that the 'clutter' is to camouflage the eggs, and does not represent her normal housekeeping standards.
Hunting in the Living Room
Hunting in Tually's Room
After a hearty breakfast of jellybeans, M&Ms and chocolate, we headed off to a nearby (30-minute drive) park for a community Egg-Hunt. Z and Piwu got to hunt in the "Under 2" section together, so their hunt lasted a whole 5 seconds, instead of the fraction of a second Tually had to hunt for eggs. I tried not to be a cow and let the girls hunt for their own eggs (or not.) I was not above pointing out an egg and guarding it for Z or Piwu, but they were fairly content with their few eggs.
 My sister had made a cute jumper for Z that would adjust as she grew, just for Easter egg hunts, so her clothes wouldn't get dirty. She wore it last year, but refused this year. Bummer.
There was a dude (or gal) in an Easter Bunny suit for pictures, and a petting zoo, but we were fricking cold, and had a load of grandparents who had trekked out to watch a snarling mass of toddlers wrassle for a few eggs. (My mom, Gramma Nayra, plus my hubby's Grandparents and Aunt came out, since his Aunt lives near my sister, and the Grands were staying over for the weekend anyway. We took Z out to lunch with them after.)

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