Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Times Between: The Many Easters of Little Z (Episode 2)

Click here for Episode 1.

3/29/2010 - (Free) Bunny Brunch at our local outlet mall! [They have an event usually the first Monday of each month for moms and their kids. March's was postponed until the end of the month, and April's cancelled, to fit this in just before Easter.] We got there late; but my sister, Auntie Kayra, and her bloated preggo belly and 2 younger boys (3 and 5) met us there. The food was lukewarm, and supposedly only for the kids [belly grumble.] The eggs and sausage were ho-hum, but they had full-size individually wrapped Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, and since most everyone had already gone through, they let me go back for seconds! [Who am I kidding? And thirds.] Snobzilla refused to eat anything but the sample bites of something from one of the merchants... cinnamon roll? I can't remember. But I had to go back for more several times until they ran out. But no complaints. Free food is free food! The coupons they give you at these things make going worthwhile. Plus there were paper bunny ear hats and plastic eggs with toy surprises (Z got a rubber ball with a rubber string that we called a yo-yo ball. It broke before we got it home!)
The Easter Bunny danced around and led a Bunny Hop all the way back to the opposite end of the mall, where the Easter Bunny photo area was set up. Little Z could have cared less.
My favorite part, was the boys. Apparently they had cut their own hair the night before.

 So the boys got haircuts!
I love this picture! It captures Khiss and his frustration with the whole process very well!
Jotch - Before
Jotch - After
After the boys left, Little Z and I had lunch in the food court, and we used the buy 1, get 1 free for the carousel coupon we got in our brunch goodie bag. They don't charge me for her yet, so we got to go another time! She bounced her yo-yo ball all the way back to where we parked.

4/1/2010 - After a fun-filled morning at Chuck E Cheese with Auntie Kayra and her boys, we drove down to Kayra's house to dye Easter eggs and snarf decorate Easter cookies!
Using crayons to color on the eggs batik-style
(The dye doesn't color where the wax is!)

Khiss loved to dip. Eggs started getting double
and triple dipped by the end!
When we got tired of cleaning up dye and helping them not spill it, the kids decorated cookies... for about 10 seconds. Then they ate them!
Z ate off each sprinkle...

 Many of the shells didn't survive the hard-boiling or dyeing processes, so the kids 'helped' peel the shells to make devilled eggs. Little Z helped so good, the whites came off too!

The Survivors. Most of which she made me take home.

4/2/2010 - 3 of my mom clubs had Easter egg hunts this morning. KMG at 10, MOMS Club at 11 and AMAT at 12. We were too late and completely missed the KMG one. I hadn't thought that we'd have time to do the MOMS Club one, so I hadn't RSVPed. We could totally have made it! Ah well. We got to the 3rd one in time! It was at a local gymnastics gym, that has classes for little kids too, and Open Play times, even if you don't take classes there!
The group laid out a line of eggs for each toddler on the big mat area, so each kid could get the same items and same number of eggs. The rest of the gym was filled with "hidden" eggs for the kids 3 and up.
Z was underwhelmed with her row of eggs, and could totally have handled the crush of the egg hunt, and the treats in the older kids' eggs. Ah well. She got a baggie of Goldfish crackers, a baggie of Cheerios, an egg-shaped sidewalk-chalk, an egg with Play-Doh and 1 or 2 other things. Stickers probably. She was very upset that she didn't get a little metal car like the older kids. But she got a paint-with-water book for trading in her empty eggs (so they can re-use them next year!) We loved the paint-with-water book, since the paint was already on the paper in little dots, so very little mess for me!

After lunch (and Cheerios and Goldfish) we headed off to my sister's house. Stay tuned!

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