Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's For Lunch Wednesdays - Lunch For Three

For this week's bento lunch for What's For Lunch Wednesday, I'm choosing a less interesting one I made for my daughter and my nieces.

10/1/2010 - I was at my sister's again, watching my nieces while she went to work. Her eldest, Tually (3,) goes to preschool in the mornings, and is often ravenous on the drive home, so I bring a lunch for the girls to share.
 Tually only likes "jam sandwich with no butter on it" and you have to use the blackberry/raspberry jam that my sister made. Last time my sister had made Tually's lunch for me to take, but this time I got to do it. I took a risk and used my EasyLunch boxes, since I hate throwing away all those baggies, but it could have backfired. Sometimes, if one of our kids is used to a routine, and you change it (like the wrong jam, or a box instead of a bag lunch) they go postal. Luckily, she was cool with it. Plus these lunch boxes make GREAT lap trays in the car!

 I brought some mini cutters in bear and rabbit head shapes from the bento cutters imported from, and a little bear veggie/cookie cutter I got in a set at Daiso. Sadly, my cheese art was under appreciated. The older girls ate the scraps and rectangles I put in there for the wee one, and gave her all the shaped ones!

I packed Little Z's box with extra food, as her car seat is in the middle, and Piwu (20 months) can't be trusted with a tray of food. PBJ sandwich, cut in half and stacked; a muffin cup with Mommy-made 'snack mix' of dehydrated apples (Gerber or Safeway O Organics or something,) freeze dried blueberries (Trader Joe's,) and Cascadian Farms' organic Fruit O's (or whatever they're called.) The other muffin cup has the cheese scraps tucked under little cheese fingers I cut up for the baby. [She's almost 2 and I still call her the baby! Ha!] Cheese animal shape assortment in the top right compartment and raspberries and sister's-backyard-picked blackberries in the lower one.

Similar lunch for Tually, but less, since she wouldn't be feeding Piwu too. Only her sandwich is jam only, and cut into triangles, since that's how her mom cuts them.

Only Piwu ate any sandwich. Between them they ate almost all the cheese, and most of the blackberries (except the one that fell into Z's car seat. That one came back to haunt me the next day when I looked at her pants after a ride!) When they got home, and after an attempt at nap (and I made hummus!) someone asked for more cheese or something, so I condensed the leftovers into one tray and brought it into the living room. They made little forays to the food and finished it all off, plus a refill of berries. Only half of the snack mix was eaten. I ate the other half... and half of the jam sandwich. And the leftover bit of PBJ Piwu had been eating in the car.
And other than that ninja berry, only an earless cheese rabbit being passed back to join the cheese animal farm got dropped. I love these lunch boxes! (Well, and the rest of Piwu's sandwich, but she threw that, so I'm not counting it as a drop.)

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