Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running Myself Ragged

From Wednesday on, last week was a whirlwind of busyness for me! After ballet class Weds morning, we went to the grocery store, since I had to get my stuff ready for the kids cooking class. And my meat pies for Saturday's Halloween party. Plus a breakfast recipe I wanted to try. I also had fun plans for my MTM and WFLW posts, and had compiled a list of everything I'd need for it all. Oh yes. Did I mention my husband was out of town Monday through Friday?

For Kids Cooking Class:
[For pizzas]
2x Pizza crust dough ($4.86)
Canadian Bacon ($1.82)
Pepperoni ($1.70)
Mozzarella ($5.43) [Also used for my WFLW pizzas]
Green bell pepper ($.48) [Also used for my WFLW pizzas]
Olives, sliced ($1.08)
Olives, whole ($.98)
Spaghetti sauce ($.78)
Rolling pin ($4.63)
[For Dirt Worm Sundaes]
Cool Whip tub ($.98)
Jello instant pudding ($1.23)
Generic zippy sandwich bags ($1.96)
Gummy worms ($.71)
Oreos ($2.48)

For my WFLW:
[For a monster eyeballs thing I didn't end up doing]
Frozen turkey meatballs ($5)
Cherry tomatoes ($2.48)
Melon baller ($1.76)
Pesto ($2.81) [Also being used for the snail rolls]
[For some other things I didn't end up making]
Fusilli pasta ($.42)
Mini powdered donuts ($1.80)
M&Ms ($1.99)
Caramels ($1.98)
Spice drops & large gum drops ($.37)
Broccoli bunch ($.50) [Also planned to use for a breakfast recipe, but someone stole or hid all my broccoli!]

For my MTM:
[Blood Worms]
Whipped cream ($2.48) [also for a dough recipe I didn't end up using for my meat pies]
Jello gelatin ($1.36)
Unflavored gelatin ($7.47) [Smallest size was 33 packets!]
Food coloring ($2.98)
50 straws ($.70)
[Other elements]
Mini pickles ($2.32)
Candy fruit leather strip ($.10)
Sliced almonds ($2.03) [Also for candy bugs I didn't end up making]

For my meat pies:
Onion ($.48)

For the breakfast idea and home-made meat pie dough I didn't end up making:
Unsalted butter ($2.88)
Green onions ($.38) [Left at Nana's by husband before I could use them!]
Dry yeast packets ($.50)

I also found loads of impulse buys. Spaghetti-Os, Rotary parmesan grater, fruit snacks, Halloween sprinkles and colored frosting writers, strawberries [which I ended up using in my WFLW,] a Christmas recipe magazine, Ziplocs, parchment paper, slow-cooker liners, assorted candies for undetermined future MTM/WFLW food decorations, and a few more items. All told, after tax and coupons... $142. Ugh.

Then nap and Little Gym.

Thursday morning was the Kids Cooking class.
Friday we skipped the pumpkin patch with the MOMS and vegged out at home. In the evening, I had a paid survey I was participating in, so Little Z got dropped off at Grammelena's, where she did very well. We hung out there after I got back and waited until Auntie Kayneen showed up, and socialized some more. We were there very late... either 11pm or 1am. I forget. Daddy was home when we got back, but she had fallen asleep in the car.
Saturday morning Z and I went to a Pretzel making tour.

Then we made the Blood Worms, Snail Rolls and Monster Pizzas, before racing off to Nana's, where we made the meat pies. Then off to the party! We were out late again, and Z didn't get to sleep until after 11. Sunday I got up and immediately went to work on my MTM. Then off to a party at my sister's house. Whew!

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  1. Ooof. You deserve a nap! Looks like everyone had a great time though.


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