Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spooooooky "Scghool" Lunches

I forgot to pack lunches the night before like I usually do, so I had to throw these together quickly (instead of showering) before leaving to take the girls to school. Luckily I had enough time to spook them up a bit!

Ghost of a 2nd Grader
Organic apples, raspberries, and carrots; GF garlic-rosemary bread with goat cheese grilled sandwich,
organic chocolate midgee
The ghost cupcake pick gives the lunch a fun flair, and also helps the sandwich from sliding around, since it's flush with the EasyLunchbox lid when I stick it in at the right angle. So it kind of holds the sandwich in place. Since I had my Halloween lunch accessories bag out already, I found a ghost cupcake ring for each girl too!

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Ghost of a Preschooler
GF grilled garlic-rosemary bread goat cheese sandwich, organic chocolate midgee; organic carrots, raspberries, grapes 
Little Sis got the same lunch, but with just half a sandwich, since she's smaller and can't eat as much as she used to in her shorter lunch period. (She used to eat more than her older sister, when given her lunch tray to nibble on from lunch until time to go pick up Big Sis!) She also got some julienned carrot coins, since she stopped eating carrot sticks, but will eat shaped carrots. So I use julienned coins when I don't have time to get cute. It's still hit or miss on whether she'll eat them though.

Tools of the Trade

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