Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Trick AND Treat Fake Kitty Litter Box Lunches!

One night at dinner my 7-year-old informed me that she loved our kittens more than she loved me. In fact, I was rated 4th behind Luna (her kitten,) Cookie (Little Sister's kitten,) and Dadda. So I joked that I would put kitty poop in her lunch the next day, and we would see how much she loved the kittens after that! And so I did! Sort of...

Cat Got Your Lunch?
Organic ketchup and mustard, leftover pineapple-bacon sausage, "kitten poop," organic apples and carrots
Whenever we have these sausages for dinner, Hubby always cooks an extra one for me to use in lunches the next day or so. My girls love them, hot or cold! Z prefers hers with ketchup and mustard, so I put some of each in a Mini Dipper for her. I put a few slices of sausage on a witch finger cupcake pick to make lunch... and the potential source of the sausage meat... a little spookier!
The kitty litter and "lumps" were sent in an orange and black tie-dye muffin cup (the set also has great red-green-white Christmassy ones, and red-white-blue patriotic ones!)
An eye cupcake ring makes some ordinary apples and carrots a little creepier too!

Kitten Crunchies
Leftover pineapple-bacon sausage, organic carrots and grapes, "kitten poop"
Since my preschooler hadn't rated me below two fluffy poop-machines, I let her in on the secret about the "cat poop" and litter that would be in her lunch, and showed her the ingredients, which are all treats she enjoys. I also gave the teacher a heads-up that it wasn't really poop! Lol!
Her sausage bits went on a skeleton hand cupcake pick, and I used a pumpkin-shaped muffin cup for her julienned carrot coins. Still a little spooky, but hopefully not as much as Big Sister's lunch!

I made the "poops" out of some slightly warmed Trujoy Choco-Chews which are organic and don't contain artificial petroleum-derived vanillin like the name-brand ones.I mashed up a Glutino vanilla sandwich cookie (my favorite, so I always have a package hiding somewhere in the house!) and some natural blue jimmies sprinkles to make the litter. Most of the kitty litter cake tutorials online say to use graham crackers, but our actual litter is very pale, so I chose the lighter cookie both to look more like what we have, but also because it meant I got to scrape off the filling and eat it myself! Nom!

Z ate her choco-poo, but not her crunchies. E couldn't bring herself to even try it. So I ate it after school!

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