Friday, October 9, 2015

'Round the Pumpkin Patch

10/23/14 - I had wanted to do a Halloweenie lunch, but couldn't find my tub of Halloween cutters and accessories. So I pounced on an inspiration from Eats Amazing and her 10 Halloween sandwich ideas using circle cutters post for a simple option!

Great Pumpkin
Gluten-free PBJ, organic carrots, organic pomegranate arils
For my older girl, the largest circle cutter I could use on gluten-free bread (it bakes smaller, since it doesn't rise as much as wheat breads.) I used the smallest triangle cutter I could find to make all the features, since the other tiny shapes just didn't look right. I also used the circle cutter to score lines near the edges to make it look more pumpkin-y. A sliver of carrot plus a leaf pick, and it's perfect!

Both my girls love pomegranate arils, so I put a bunch in a pumpkin muffin cup as a special treat.

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Pumpkin Bites
GF PBJ, organic pomegranate arils, organic carrots and tomatoes
I made mini versions for my preschooler! Same idea, but with a smaller circle cutter, and I used a tiny crescent cutter for the mouths. Little Sis also got carrots and pomegranate arils, but I added some organic baby heirloom tomatoes that looked like little watermelons!

Tools of the Trade


  1. Sometimes I find that my kid eats two tiny sandwiches way better than one big one, even if it's the same amount of food - love these tiny pumpkins! Great idea!

    1. My little one will only lick the spreads out of larger sandwiches, but is more likely to eat the bread too if her sammies are smaller. Plus I can use scraps and broken slices and heels!


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