Sunday, October 18, 2015

Amazing Grass Green Superfood #MomsMeet #AmazingGrass

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I'm not always fantastic about making sure I eat every meal, and some days the lack of proper nutrients catches up with me! And it's common for people who are intolerant to gluten to have issues with vitamin deficiencies anyway. So having a power-packed superfood option that's quick, easy, and portable is especially important for me!

Amazing Grass sent me an assortment of samples of their Green Superfood flavors, and I was excited to try them! I was actually surprised at how well they blended with liquid. These were the first powders that didn't stay lumpy and have to be filtered through my teeth! Hahaha!

Just the Facts
 Amazing Grass Green SuperFood is a powerful blend of nutrient-dense organic greens and
antioxidant rich superfoods in convenient powder form.
 Just one serving of Green SuperFood provides a powerful blend of whole food nutrition in
convenient powder form to support overall health, immunity and energy levels.
 Green Superfood alkalizing greens help balance ph levels and their probiotic/enzyme blend
naturally aids digestive function.
 All Amazing Grass products are organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.
 Amazing Grass Green SuperFood is available in ten flavors and functions: Original, Berry,
Chocolate Infusion, Energy Lemon Lime, Energy Watermelon, ORAC Antioxidant Boost,
Orange Dream, Pineapple Lemongrass, Tangerine Immunity Defense, and Alkalize and Detox.
 Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood is a rainbow of 32 organic greens, fruits, and vegetables, all
in a convenient drink powder. Available in two delicious flavors, Chocolate and Berry, Kidz
Superfood delivers amazing green nutrition and helps kids achieve the daily recommended
servings of fruits and vegetables.
 Amazing Grass products can be mixed with water, milk, juice, or into your favorite smoothie!
 Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Original (8.5 oz., 30 servings) retails for $29.99 and
Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood Outrageous Chocolate (6.5 oz., 30 servings) retails for
$24.99. Individual stick packs can be purchased at retail locations for approximately $1.29,
or a 15-count box can be purchased on the Amazing Grass website for $21.99.

I like to mix my greens powders with my coffee or tea for an added boost of flavor, and so that I don't get too full drinking a glass of greens AND a mug of coffee! The Green Superfoods did a great job blending with hot drinks as well! The fruity ones tasted great alone or mixed with tea or herbal tea. And I especially enjoyed the chocolate one in my coffee! Gives "green coffee" a whole new meaning!

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