Friday, October 2, 2015

Toasted "Scream Cheese" Sandwich

My girls, especially the 3-year-old E, both love the Hotel Transylvania movie (even though the whole concept of having a "zing" is ridiculous and totally against all the lessons I've worked hard to teach them about relationships!) We rearranged some plans so we could see the Sensory Friendly showing of Hotel Transylvania 2 together last weekend.

So when I had this loaf of gluten-free bread with a giant hole in a bunch of the slices, I got out some eye picks and made a Hotel Transylvania-inspired "scream cheese" toasted sandwich for my 2nd grader! Totally got the idea from a lunch I saw over at Lunches With Love a while back. So fun!

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Gluten-free toasted goat cheese sandwich, organic crunchy peanut butter, organic carrots and apples
The arms and legs picks came from a Rose Art Fun Dough Monster Mania set. I choose to turn a blind eye to whether or not they're food safe plastic... They're so cute with those eye picks! I stuck another eye in with the apple slices, for good measure. I love how the muffin cup of peanut butter for her apples makes it look like her sandwich monster is losing his kibble. I was tempted to make a stream of chunky peanut butter coming out of his mouth too, but thought that that might be going a little too far...

I used an orange and black tie-dye muffin cup for her carrots to make it Halloween-y and monster-y, and used the black lid from the EasyLunchboxes Urbans set for the lunchbox.

Tools of the Trade

Check out these other fun lunches that utilize the shape of the bread - perfect for easy Halloweenie lunches too!
Another Hotel Transylvania 2 lunch using the shape of the bagel and some plastic fangs to make Vlad by What's For Lunch at Our House 
Squashed loaf T-Rex from Bent On Better Lunches
Lumpy bread bear head from What's For Lunch at Our House
Squashy bread monster face from Green Lunches, Green Kids
Kitty cat croissant from Zoe's Lunchbox
Lumpy bagel pumpkin face from Bent On Better Lunches


  1. This is so cute! Love that you used the "bread bubble" as the mouth! Cute lunch all together!! And thanks for the love <3 ~Nina

  2. Creative and yummy lunch idea.

  3. So cute! How do your kids react to having a cold sandwich that's normally served hot? I've been thinking of packing grilled cheese also, but I don't think my kid will actually eat a cold one.

    1. I've just trained them from birth to eat cold leftovers sometimes, so they're used to having a broader tolerance for having things served in different ways. I also add a little garlic powder to the butter (or mayo!) spread on the outside of the bread before grilling, which gives it a different taste. Cutting the sandwich into cute shapes or into strips or something can help. Changing the presentation when serving cold/room temp can change their expectations on the taste and texture. Adding a dipping sauce or some cold tomato soup can also help make it different enough that they won't expect it to be hot and crisp, like at home.

      MOMables has a great post with tips on how to pack grilled cheese to help prevent it from getting soggy. [affiliate link]

    2. Thanks for the advice and the article! I'll try serving a cold grilled cheese this weekend while out and about and see how it goes. *fingers crossed* It would be nice to have more than one reliable sandwich to pack!


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