Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Ghosted" Cheese Sandwich Halloween Lunches

Z likes toasted cheese sandwiches, but E hates them. So whenever I toast up a sandwich for Z, I just make a PBJ for my youngest, and make cinnamon toast scraps for myself! I made "plain" toasted cheese sandwiches last week with some ghost picks on the side. After school when I asked how they likes their toasted cheese, my oldest thought I had said "ghosted cheese." Brilliant! So I made sure to squeeze one in before Halloween.

"Ghosted" Cheese School Lunch
"Ghosted" goat cheese sandwich on GF bread, organic carrots and snap peas, organic apples and crunchy PB
This is my favorite ghost cookie cutter shape, but that little tail is hard to keep intact, specially with crumbly gluten-free bread. This night was a good one for Mama, and nothing broke!
ghost cupcake pick in her veggies and a ghostly white muffin cup for her PB (for dipping her apples) kept the ghostly theme going.
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Ghostly PBJ for Preschool
PBJ on GF bread with chocolate chip features; organic carrots snap peas, and apples
Little Sis got a simpler ghost cookie cutter just to change things up, plus a smiling ghost ring topper to make it less spooky.

Tools of the Trade

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