Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Haunted Pumpkin Patch Cracker Stackers

I loved making MOMables Cracker Stackers even before we went dye-free and gluten-free and cow-dairy-free and could no longer buy the boxed version anyway. The best part isn't that you can choose healthier options when making your own, or that it saves a ton of money. No. The best part is that you can use mini cookie cutters to make them super cute! Wahoooo!

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Haunted School Lunch
Glutino crackers, uncured ham, sliced goat cheese, organic carrots and apples
I'm not feeling super creative or energetic this Halloween, so I love easy lunches that are still fun and "festive!" The mini pumpkin and ghost cutters were perfect! I even had a hugemongous organic carrot that was wide enough to use the pumpkin cutter on too! Not that it inspired my 2nd-grader to eat her veggies. *sigh*

Preschool Patch
Sliced goat cheese, Glutino crackers, uncured ham, organic carrots and apples
Little Sis got the same lunch as Big Sis, since luckily for me, Cracker Stackers are a "fan favorite" with both my kids!

Those leaf things in both lunches are some silicone suction-cup drink markers I found at the natural grocery store and bought just for fun.

Tools of the Trade

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