Monday, March 18, 2013

MOMables Monday - Leftovers to Lunch "Shamrock" Pizza Kabobs

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Use up some leftover pizza in a fun St. Patrick's shamrock-themed lunch? Boo-yaw! 

My MOMables lunch menu planning and recipe subscription really helps inspire me to think outside the PBJ. Even if it's something I've done before, like the pizza skewers, looking through old menus or seeing something rotated back into a current menu helps remind me to use new and creative ways to pack a lunch! Interested? Sign up for the regular MOMables menu planning service, and/or the special 8-week gluten-free menu and recipes!

Yeah yeah. I know. Those are "clubs" skewers, not shamrocks. You'll live. 
Leftover GF pizza-cheese stick-black olive kabobs, Ranch, pizza sauce, organic sugar snap peas, organic strawberries
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Packed in our EasyLunchboxes, of course!

Since I chopped up the strawberries to fit more in the compartment, I added a shamrock pick to help her eat them... and it fir perfectly with the theme!

For the Pizza kabobs, I chopped up some leftover gluten-free olive-and-cheese pizza (from Naked Pizza. Yum!) into slightly smaller than 1" squares. I alternated them with large string cheese nibblets and whole black olives on some "clubs" poker suite food skewers to stay festive. (I found mine at an Asian grocery. Can't find the exact same ones online.)
I put some organic pizza sauce in a Mini Dipper so she could dip the skewers for fun - plus some sneaky added veggies. Teehee.

I normally don't include Ranch dressing for sugar snap peas, since she likes them just fine, and she only eats the peas out from the inside anyway. But I had a shamrock sauce box, and needed an excuse to use it!

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