Saturday, March 16, 2013

February "Leftovers"

Friday, 2/15/13 - I can't remember where we were headed, but I remember throwing these together pretty quickly... a doctor's appointment for me?

Little Z's Lunch
Cheese quesadilla, apples, frozen peas, leftover baked pumpkin chocolate chip pancake
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Baby E's Lunch
Leftover biscuit pizza, frozen peas, peeled apple slices
I attempted to make biscuit meatballs as seen at What's For Lunch at Our House? but apparently you want to use the smaller canned biscuits. Since pretty much all the Pillsbury (and store-brand) canned doughs have artificial colors, I went with some from Immaculate Baking that I'd found on super-sale at Fred Meyer for being short-dated. Woot!  But they're ginormous. 
My biscuits took 153 years to cook and I had to bloob them around out of the muffin pan and onto a baking sheet to try and get all the sides to cook. They were not pretty. Delicious, but uuuuugly! I had a few more biscuits than meatballs, so I flattened the last few and made little pizzas.

Thursday, 2/21/13 - I'm pretty sure this was during Midwinter Break, so no school. Not sure where we were headed here either.
Little Z's Lunch
Carrot, PBJ sandwich, leftover baked pancakes, white cheddar cubes, apples
A quickie lunch, made fun with a little purple monkey pick to help skewer the cheese!

Baby E's Lunch
1/2 PB sandwich, leftover baked pancakes, Colby Jack cheese, diced peaches (mostly drained)
I included a little baby fork from Dollar Tree (BPA-free!) so E could practice her utensil skills. Plus we opted for the extra warranty on our new car's interior...

Baby hated the peaches. Which is fine, since they were from Gerber, whose products I will no longer buy because the blue trays the diced fruits and little toddler meals come in are made from a toxic plastic (#7 in the recycling symbol) that is technically classified as "food safe" by the FDA, but is the one that releases BPA when exposed to heat... like when you microwave these for 30-seconds to warm them up! The BPA-free rules only apply to feeding tools for BABIES. Toddlers can suck it, apparently.
The girls enjoyed eating their EasyLunchboxes lunches in the car on the way to wherever we were going...

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