Friday, March 15, 2013

Crunch A Color - B.L.T. Kabobs

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You see those cards there around the outside of my lunch? Those are from Crunch a Color The Healthy Eating Game! What a fun way to motivate kids to eat a healthy variety of foods, as well as try new things! You earn "points" for eating various "colors" of fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, and whole grains. And you can earn bonus points just for trying something new!
If you have a competitive kid who likes to win, one who likes playing games, or one who likes to achieve goals for the sake of accomplishment, this is a great game for you!

I packed this Crunch a Color lunch in our EasyLunchboxes. Be sure to check out my Crunch a Color Conversation Starters lunch too!
GF toasted bread, lettuce, uncured bacon, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, hummus, strawberries, broccoli and carrots
Whole Grain: It looks pasty white and processed, but my gluten-free Udi's bread is actually made with whole grains! But I didn't use quite a whole slice, so I brought along some gluten-free whole grain corn chips (not shown) in a separate container as well, to dip in the hummus.

Protein: I used one and a half slices of uncured bacon to make these two skewers, and packed some hummus as well for an additional healthy protein and to dip tortilla chips and the veggies in.

3 or More Colors of Fruits and Vegetables: I have red tomatoes and strawberries, orange/yellow tomatoes and carrots, and green broccoli and romaine lettuce. Orange/yellow and blue/purple each count as one color group, nutritionally. And while there aren't any in this lunch, white fruits and veggies should be represented in a healthy diet as well! (Apples, potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, etc.)

Studies show that kids prefer meals with 6 or more different items and 7 or more colors - so packing a variety is even more important!

Also not shown, I packed a Mini Dipper with just enough guacamole to dip the kabobs. Yum!

*disclaimer: I received The Healthy Eating Game from Crunch a Color to showcase with a healthy lunch!
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