Friday, March 22, 2013

February 2013 Preschool Snacks - Week 4

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Monday, February 25 through Thursday, February 28
(Week 3 was Midwinter Break, so no school!)

This was the week Little Z decided she was ready to go gluten-free to see if it helped stop her chronic stomach pains. I had already packed her lunch for that Monday, so we started her gluten-free diet for afternoon snack! Luckily I had had a few things in the pantry in anticipation of starting soon! 

Baby and I were able to go shopping while Z was at school that afternoon, and stocked up on more gluten-free items. So this was a fairly snacky week, versus more fresh fruits and veggies, to help Z feel more comfortable with her choice to try this new diet out. Plus we had all these new snacks to sample!

Frozen guacamole shapes, Van's GF cheese and multigrain crackers, Annie's gummy bunnies, Emergen-C Kidz
I always pack an Emergen-C Kidz or other dye-free drink powder packet, but I don't usually show them. But I had space to fill in my Lunchbots Trio! (Pink lid came from a Duo, I think. But they're interchangeable, so I grab what's clean!)

When I had some guacamole that was going to go bad a while back, I froze the leftovers in a heart-shaped ice cube tray and then put them in a freezer bag. They thaw quickly, and retain their shape unless there's too much jostling. Fun stuff!

TERRA Sweets and Beets chips, Naturebox Ranch Peas
I didn't check until after I had packed her snack, but the Naturebox Ranch Peas have maltodextrin in the ingredients, so may contain gluten. I've heard that there should be a wheat allergen warning if the maltodextrin is from wheat though, so hopefully safe! (Rye and Barley are almost never used for maltodextrin, so unless there's a wheat warning, there's a good chance you're safe.) And Naturebox has been very good about allergen and cross-contamination warnings on their packaging!

Popcorn, Sour Cream and Onion POPChips
I used a little bear head silicone cup to keep the POPChips separate, even though they would have been fine comingling. What's the point of having all this cute stuff if I can't trot it out once in a while?

Glutino chocolate-covered pretzels, organic apple slices

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