Friday, March 29, 2013

Egg-Hunt and Easter Bunny Lunches for Some-bunny Special!

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 Both lunches are in our new EasyLunchboxes Brights. Cloth napkins from Red Poppy Crafts on Etsy.

Easter Bunnies
Chocolate caramels, Naturebox spiced almonds, organic sugar snap peas, GF PBJ, honey Greek yogurt, raspberries

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Rabbit Pellets: I got these chocolate-covered caramel balls from my foodie penpal last month. I wanted an excuse to use my new bunny cup, and they looked kind of like rabbit plops! Hahahah!

Nutty For Bunnies: In the little purple bunny box, I packed some kind of spiced almonds from Naturebox. I can't remember what flavor. Not the cinnamon ones though. Those are ALL MINE! The bunny came from Target in a set with other little animal "eggs" for Easter egg hunts.

Pink Bunnies: Little Z loves pink bunnies. Looooves them. Purple ones are good too. So I HAD to have these pink bunny picks! So cuuuute! 

Bunny Sammie: I cut my Udi's gluten-free bread with a bunny head cookie cutter, and jammed in some dye-free chocolate-covered sunflower seeds for the eyes and nose. I used some extra peanut butter to glue on some dye-free jimmies sprinkles whiskers. The sprinkles lasted the night well enough, but the color sloughed off the sunflower seeds. So I had to replace them in the morning. Noted!

I added some more dye-free sprinkles to jazz up the yogurt, and HAD to include my pink bunny spoon for eating it!

This time I actually remembered to include a Lunchbox Love note! Woo! 

I like to tease her about how fun her lunch is when I send her off on the bus, both to distract her from having to part from me, but also because it's almost always a surprise. When I do a themed lunch where the theme is totally obvious, I tell her she'll never guess what the theme is. Then first thing when she steps off the bus, she announces that she knows the theme. "It was a Spring theme! I could tell because of all the bunnies!" Yeah. Spring. Doh!

Easter Egg Hunt
GF PBJ sandwiches w/cheese details, string cheese nibblets, Unreal 54 candies, kale chips, organic grapes

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Easter Bunny: Mostly just to fill empty space, I put some string cheese nibblets in a bunny cup (don't worry. I didn't actually get the same one washed fast enough to use again so quickly! The set comes with TWO!)

Egg Hunt: I used a bucket cup as an Easter basket, and filled it with some Unreal 54 candies (dye-free version of peanut M and Ms.) I also "hid" some in with her grapes and kale chips. The 3-D Easter egg pick in the kale chips came from a grab bag of cupcake picks somewhere.

Easter Eggs: I made two small sandwiches with an egg cookie cutter (I don't remember egg-actly, but I think I was able to use one slice of bread for each sandwich... Maybe that was the bunny one. Oh well.) I decorated them with cheese cut with tiny shape cutters, an arch cutter, and a scalloped edge cutter that I got a long time ago. The pink "dye" is actually beet juice. I sliced open a beet from my weekly farm share and rubbed it around the top of the bread. When it started pooping out on me, I'd just wet it a little and go again. I got the idea to use beets to color bread from Rachel's Random Ramblings. Who got the idea to use beet juice to dye foods in general from me. The circle is now complete.

Z was egg-stra excited about her "Easter Bunny themed lunch"... Oh well. Close enough.

Tools of the Trade
 Red Poppy Napkins Biting the Hand        

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