Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicks Gone Wild!

quick fast gluten free all natural organic preschool school work

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A fairly quick and yummy Spring lunch in our new EasyLunchboxes Brights with the yellow lid. So bright and sunny! Chicks dig bento!
Turkey, mustard, and cheese on GF bread; guacamole, GF crackers, sugar snap peas, carrots, apples w/pomegranate arils
Chicks Gone Wild!: I used the chick/birdie plate from a baran cutter set to make rows of little organic carrot chickies. It was hard since I couldn't seem to cut the carrots thin enough to punch through with the shallow cutter, so I used a knife to cut through after pressing the imprint as far as I could.

Green, Green Grass: I have the chick tootling around in a grassy field or whatever, with green silicone cups holding some Wholly Guacamole and Van's Gluten-Free "Lots of Everything" crackers, and some organic green sugar snap peas on the side.

Cheep Cheep: I used a chick cutter on some gluten-free bread, and also used it to cut out two cheese chicks, and cut a chick out of a stack of no-nitrates-added turkey. Mustard inside to keep the turkey and one slice of cheese in place in between the bread.
After slicing off the beak and feet, I used those bits of the cutter to make orange ones out of carrot scraps. Then mustard to "glue" the cheese and carrot bits onto the top. A quick jab with a toothpick, then I stuck in a gluten-free no-fakery chocolate vermicelli sprinkle as the eye. Voila!

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  1. So cute, I can't wait to stock up on all my stuff to start doing bentos for my kids this year!!! :D


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