Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's Up Doc? Doctor's Office "Picnic"

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Friday, 2/1/2013 - I had a doctor's appointment 40-minutes away, and this doctor usually runs late since she overbooks and overworks herself. One of the reasons I go all the way out to see her. She will ALWAYS fit you in if you need her! Plus she listens to me and makes me feel like she cares. Worth the drive! 
But such a long day needed a packed lunch!
Little Z's Lunch
Rosemary bread, organic strawberries, cheddar cubes, Ants on a Log
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This was before we went gluten-free, so we still had some artisan rosemary bread. *sigh* It's soooo good! I buy the GF bread from the same bakery now though. 
I was packing quickly, and didn't have any teachers to impress with my creativity... I mean I was in a hurry, so I packed it simple.
I used one of our EasyLunchboxes Brights with the "tur-ka-roise" lid because they were new, and soooo pretty!

The stem picks were a special request. She had loved the strawberry roses from her Alice In Wonderland lunch, and asked for them again. Happy to oblige!

Sticking some ladybug and flower picks in with the cheese cubes and some flower stem picks to make the strawberries look like roses were a quick and easy way to make this lunch more attractive and fun! 

Pack It In A Box For Baby and Me!
Special K crackers, Wholly Guacamole pack, Everything Bagel pretzels, cheddar scraps, Ants on a Log, grapes
Not shown: rosemary bread scraps (under pretzels) Shown at top: home-made applesauce pouch, Chobani Bite yogurt
I packed a lunch in our EasyLunchboxes for Baby and me to share. I sliced the grapes in half (yes. All of them. Blarg.) to prevent her from choking, since I might be distracted talking to the doctor while she ate. Normally she either bites in half, chews and spits out, or chokes and pukes up any problem foods, so I'm less vigilant about safe-ifying them if I'm able to pay attention while she eats.

The guacamole was a big hit, and I ended up losing all my Everything Bagel pretzel rings to Little Z as she dipped them, and Baby just scooped it up with her hands and gobbled it down. So I got some cheese, the Ants on a Log, the grapes left-over after Baby was done, and a few crackers with guacamole. (Z couldn't eat the crackers because they have a petrol-derived preservative. Which is why I let her have all the pretzels instead. I only had them because I was trying to use them up.) I did get to eat my Chobani Raspberry and Chocolate Chunk yogurt Bite... oh no wait. Z ate that too. I got her licked-out celery sticks. Win.

When the girls had been sick earlier in the month, I made some applesauce and packed it up in reusable squeezy pouches. I stuck a cube of leftover frozen baby blueberry puree in a few of them, like a fun little surprise inside! The pouch in the top photo montage is a Squishy Snak Pak. They hold a little less than the Little Green Pouches, which is good for baby-sized portions, or smaller amounts of more sugary squishy treats. I like that they're both dishwasher-safe, and that the colored caps from the disposable pouches work with them, so I have spares for when (when, not if) I lost the originals! Plus if I think ahead (Ha! Fat chance!) I could keep enough of each color and color-code the lids based on what's inside!

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  1. I bet everyone in the doctor's office wanted one of your lunches too.

    1. Haha! I think when Nana took them out to the lobby after the doctor finally showed up, everyone just wanted them OUT of there! Hahaha!


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