Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Twelve from '12 - Favorite Posts from 2012

Happy New Year!
This year saw a lot of changes over here! I've been working on improving my photography skills and I changed over to my own domain name and got a re-design, which was exciting growth for me and my "hobby." We also discovered that Little Z reacts to artificial ingredients in our food, so we went to an all-natural diet for me and the girls. (With the occasional slip. I'm weak when it comes to Junior Mints and Sugar Babies. And Hubby tries not to bring his junk home. Or at least not eat it in front of Z.)
Plus, you know. We had the Baby. [Although technically she was born in 2011.  With 9 days to spare!]

Little Z started another year of preschool, as well as a second school to help with her social delays. She's devolved from an adventurous eater to a little stick-in-the-mud, as far as trying and enjoying new things. But she surprises us on occasion. 
Baby E and I started both a parent-child class at The Little Gym and a co-op preschool class. She has grown from a needy little lump to a mobile needy little lump. With an attitude. 
It has been so fun to see both the similarities and differences between how she is growing and developing and how Z was as a baby.

My personal favorite lunch this year was one of the last before winter break. I don't usually bother making my lunches fancy, but I had this snowflake lunch idea in my head, and I love how it turned out!

And my favorite lunch for Z was her Lalaloopsy lunch. It didn't come together as I had originally planned, but I love how it turned out in the end.

Here are everyone ELSE's favorites - the Top 10 posts from 2012. A nice range of lunches, flubs, and assorted shenanigans.

Eco-Friendly wrapping for your sweet homemade gifts

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