Monday, January 21, 2013

MOMables Monday - Leftover Chicken Skewers

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Since the BBQ sauce wasn't a big hit last time, but the leftover chicken skewers were, I decided to try some MOMables skewers again!
Leftovers Skewers
Raspberries w/semi-sweet and white chocolate chips, edamame;
leftover chicken nuggets, cheddar, and green olive skewers; Ranch
I've seen chocolate chips put into raspberries a few places, so I'm not sure who inspired me specifically. But I thought it would be a fun treat, and add some contrast. 
I stuck a hibiscus food pick in with the edamame just for fun. And she could choose to eat the raspberries with it.

For the food skewers, I shortened plastic drink stirrers. I got my hibiscus ones at Dollar Tree. They were easy to shorten to fit in the EasyLunchbox once I scored them with a knife, then snapped the ends off. I included Ranch for dipping in a Mini Dipper.
The chicken is actually leftover from chicken nuggets. I won't tell you where they came from, or you'll McJudge me, but Unka Seesee brings over fast food for dinner once a week. Little Z hadn't eaten any of her dinner, which was a shocker, so I saved them in case she'd want them later. 

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  1. I am sure she enjoyed her leftover nuggets! I have also been wanting to try the chocolate chips in the raspberries! They look extra yummy like that. Thanks for linking up to Leftovers on Fridays

  2. Hi! I'm new to bento boxes, I'm afraid my kids will get bored with what I'm packing now. I have a question about meats, deli slices, chunk chicken and so on. Don't those items need to be refrigerated?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes-ish. Depending how long the lunch goes between out-of-the-fridge and until lunch time, and whether they tend to eat it all or if you want them to bring home usable leftovers.

      Most lunches 8:30-11:30 is okay but starting to push it. Some classes store lunches right by a heating vent, so then the dairy and meats wouldn't be safe!

      I use an insulated lunch bag (the EasyLunchboxes one, since it carries the boxes horizontal,) and ice pack. It adds a little heft, but she's not bogged down with 150 heavy text books yet, so I'm not worried.

      Another option is to freeze the meats (sandwiches, skewers, whatever) and dairy the night before (you can freeze yogurt right in the lunchbox if it's a segmented one like this!) Then they keep themselves cold whether you use an insulated carrier or not. Or freeze applesauce and/or a drink to act as an ice pack in an insulated carrier. Should thaw by lunch, but they're still fun as slushies if not thawed completely.

      I like to re-use leftovers, so I send an ice pack to keep the lunch cool all day. That way any uneaten meat or dairy can be safely eaten as an afternoon snack. For disposable field trip lunches, I freeze a yogurt tube (or single serve cup) in whatever container I plan to use (usually an old plastic berry clamshell) so that it's frozen into the right shape. Then it keeps the lunch cool enough. If it might be a hot day and the field trip is outside, I also freeze a water bottle or juice pouch (with an un-frozen back-up in case the weather turns out to not be hot!) That way it's still nice and cool by lunch.


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