Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pondering Pandas - A Fun, Healthy, Quick and Easy, Nut-Free School Lunch

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This one's an old one - from Thursday, November 15, of last year! Yikes! But those pesky holidays all got in the way... Oh well. Better late than never!
Pondering Pandas
SunButter-chocolate syrup sandwich, SunButter and mini chocolate chip "Ants on a Log,"
apples and grapes, string cheese nibblets
This one took longer to pose for pictures than it did to put together! It was so easy, I'm almost ashamed at how good it looks.

Simple Pandas: The 3-D panda picks in the grapes, and a panda fork pick in the cheese turned a "regular" lunch into something fun.

Bamboo: I prefer SunButter over PB for my Ants on a Log (and I like the firmness and flavor of the chocolate chips... but I also like the chewiness of raisins. So I usually do half-and-half for me.) I thought the top of the celery looked kind of like leaves, so I put that in just for looks. No way was she expected to eat it. And she did not surprise me there. She's not a celery lover. Yet.

'Wich Panda?: Since I was making nut-free Ants on a Log, I decided to go for the whole shebang. So instead of her usual Chocolate Almond Butter (and PB) from Trader Joe's, I mixed a little of their all-natural chocolate syrup in with some SunButter for her sandwich.
I used the CuteZCute cutter to cut two heads out of some bread (I find you get better edges if you cut the bread separately. Plus your scraps can be saved for something else. And most importantly, the cutter stays clean! WIN!) I used the panda face cutter on the top slice of bread, and let the chocolate-y spread show through. Perfect!

DONE! Digging out my cutter and the picks added a minute or so, but no longer than trying to decide what theme I wanted to go with! And it only took that long because my stuff is disorganized. If I were really good, I'd plan my lunches out over the weekend and pull all the tools I'd need for all of them at once, rather than going in and out of my bento stash daily.
Packed With Love in an  EasyLunchbox.

Tools of the Trade

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  1. Love your Panda and especially love the way you created the bamboo, super cute!:)


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