Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tried-It Tuesdays - January 2013

I decided to move this to the last Tuesday each month because I forgot it makes more sense to link what you've done THIS month, rather than the previous month each time.

So since this has essentially skipped December, feel free to link to your post or publicly shared photo, anything new you did in December too!

A big first for us was Baby's first birthday! Just a few days before Christmas, so she totally got the shaft. I wasn't organized at all, hadn't gotten her a birthday present, and threw together a last-minute birthday dinner that none of her cousins or aunties could come to (A GREAT-Auntie came though!) Although my lack of planning isn't really a new thing...

I also made the very first "beautiful lunch" for myself that I actually put a lot off effort into, and got bento gear dirty just for looks instead of utility. And I loved it so much, I felt bad eating it!

What did YOU do this month? Come link up the LAST Tuesday of each month, with anything new you've tried, made, eaten, done, whatever!



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