Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lunchbox Love Notes Giveaway (Ended)

I've been seeing these Lunchbox Love notes from Say Please around the blogisphere for over tow years now, ever since I started making fun lunches for Little Z. Since she can't yet read, and I'm rarely sending her off with her lunch without me, I hadn't seen the need for them for us yet.
But they're still a great idea for everyone else. So when I wrote up my Top Five School Lunch Essentials post, I made sure to include Lunchbox Love notes. Which inspired me to contact them about doing a review or giveaway, or something. Fun facts are still fun, even if Mommy has to read them to you. And love notes from Mama don't mean any less just because Mama's right there next to you when you get them!

And if your child can't read yet, but takes a lunch to preschool or daycare, they can be even more fun, since then the whole class can enjoy as the teacher reads the Fun Fact out loud for everyone!

I do my best work (in my opinion) when given an assignment, inspiration, or theme idea, so many of the Fun Facts about animals inspired me to do themed lunches around them. (In fact, it was hard deciding which ones to do first!)
Grapes, cheese, chocolate, hummus, *sandwich, green beans
This fun fact opened up a discussion about bullfighting and matadors. We've watched So You Think You Can Dance since she was first waddling, so we also discussed how one of the dances they showcase, the Paso Doble, is based on a bullfighter and his artistry with his cape.
And it just so happened there was a cow-theme that day at Little Gym's Barnyard Bonanza camp! I am just that good!

My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that the notes aren't designed to be reused. Granted, most kids throw out their trash and recycling, so the notes would go with. But I'm training my child(ren) to "pack it in, pack it out." Bring home any trash, leftovers, whatever. So I can see what they're eating (or not eating.) And hopefully I won't accidentally lose any bento picks or silicone cups (or even worse, a retainer!) to a garbage can along the way!
But since the notes are just printed on fancy card stock, they pick up berry juice stains, peanut-butter-oil smears, moisture from the food in the box, etc. So I'm thinking of finally getting my laminator out of its package and putting it to work! They won't last forever, but I can see using them at least several more times before they're done!
Maybe trading card sleeves will work... Then I can still compost/recycle the cards when done... Hmmm...

Greek yogurt, jellybeans (in chickie container,) grapes, cinnamon
(in bottle, for yogurt,) *sandwich, strawberries, beans, broccoli
The love note said something like "I love you just because you're you." "Really, Mama? Is that twoo?" Cynic!

When I read the chicken fact out loud to Little Z, I tried to help her put it in perspective. "Think of all the people you've ever met, or seen. There's more chickens in the whole world than that! For every single person you see, there is more than one chicken!" So then she extrapolated upon that, "And when you die, your chicken dies too." Hrm. Not exactly where I was going with that... 
Then we talked about how there had to be a bunch of chickens, more than one per person, since we've each eaten more than our one chicken. "But only the ugly ones. We don't eat the nice, pretty chickens." Oooookay...

*I would like it noted that I purposefully made these sandwiches with nut-free butters to make them school-safe (and to test her out on a new spread.) The cow lunch features Wowbutter, and the chicken uses SunButter. She didn't mention anything about her peanut butter tasting funny for either of them! I used honey instead of jelly (because honey complements them better, in my experience) or her usual chocolate almond butter (because, helloooo nut-free here!)

You know you want some now! So head on over to Say Please and choose from their amazing assortment of Lunchbox Love notes! They have notes for all ages, but also sets aimed at kids or teens. They have ones for your sweetheart. They have ones for camps. And various holiday-themed ones. Just an amazing assortment of ways to show your love! Each volume contains 12 colorful cards, with a message on one side and a fact on the other, in a re-usable plastic card case, for just $2.99. Or you can get bundle sets for an even better value!
Use my code, BITING, to get 15% off your order! Even yesser!

But while you wait for them to arrive, why not try and win some?

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**Disclaimer: I received four free volumes of Lunchbox Love notes to review. I still do my Happy Dance when I'm flipping through them deciding which one to use next! I need to clear more Happy-Dancing space on the floor in the kitchen...

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