Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Packed Snacks - January, 2013 - Week 1

Preschool and Camp Snacks
Thursday through Friday, January 3 to 4, 2013
School didn't start for us until Thursday the 3rd, and neither of her preschools have class on Fridays, so she only had one day of school between winter break and the weekend!

Grapes and cheddar, Pirate Booty
I've been organizing my bento gear (a monumental task, believe me!) and got most of my pick collection sorted and organized. In the process, these metallic fringe party picks got kicked around (I may have let Baby play with them to occupy her so she wouldn't dump out all my other picks. She still has all her eyes, fingers, and toes, so we're all good here!) 
Just for fun, and to match the lid of the box, I included a Hello Kitty cupcake topper. *wink*

The Hello Kitty box and cupcake toppers came from Jenn at BentoForKidlet as part of a Holiday Bento Swap gift exchange (I made out like a bandit! Squee-hee-hee!)

Little Gym offered Winter Day Camps during the two weeks of school break. So even though we didn't have school, I still got her out of the house for a few hours!
Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Greek yogurt, apples
When I asked if she had any ideas for snack, she requested yogurt and apples. Done and done!
The Kinderville Little Bites silicone jar was a great way to store the yogurt leak-free. Other than these and the EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers, I don't have any leak-proof containers that she can open without help. And it fit perfectly in the taller round snack box!

Tall round snack container came from Target's Dollar Spot, and the spoon came in a set (with an orange snowman fork) from Target as well. (They also had a set with a red Santa and green something else.)

Tools of the Trade

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