Saturday, September 29, 2012

Butterfly Wafflewich Bento

Thursday, 8/30/12 - We had Z's Little Gym class that morning, so I packed this to be breakfast on the way there and for her to snack on the way home. Plus I had Parent Orientation at her preschool after, so Nana (my MIL, who had come over to watch the girls for me) wouldn't have to worry about feeding her.

When deciding how to cut and position the wafflewich to make it more exciting, I discovered that putting the halves back-to-back looked like a butterfly. So I picked that theme and ran with it!
Green beans, Ranch, strawberries and apples, PB-chocolate almond butter wafflewich, cheese
The little silicone butterfly cup housing the Ranch was a find at my local Daiso store. I only found two packs (my friend at The Keeley McGuire Blog got the other pack!) and have only ever seen them the one time.

I used a tiny butterfly cutter on some Colby Jack cheese and made a zillion of them out of one slice. They're stacked up cleverly, so it only looks like there are four of them.

Since the MOMables strawberry Wafflewiches we'd tried previously were only a moderate success (she didn't like the fruit inside,) I decided to try something a little more familiar. So I used her usual spreads, peanut butter and TJ's Chocolate Almond Butter (Nutella has fake vanilla, which she reacts to. So we won't be getting that in again. Bummer. I like the richer taste of the hazelnuts. Oh well.) A partially split green bean for the body and antennae, and we have a quick and easy butterfly!

I tucked in a Lunchbox Love note, since it went with the theme.


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