Friday, August 31, 2012

Lunch Leftovers - July and August 2012

Friday, 7/13/12 - My July lunches were almost all fun enough to have their own posts, so I saved this one for August. For that matter, my August lunches were pretty much all awesome as well...

A quick and easy lunch before Little Gym camp.
Asian sesame cookie thing, "Everything" bagel thin w/cream cheese,
sugar snap peas, Rainier cherries
She had chosen a little Asian "cookie" assortment at the Asian grocery, with flavorless wafer cookie quarters covered in a crunchy honey-tasting glaze and white or black sesame seeds, or chopped cashews or peanuts. I put one in her lunch to try, and I was surprised to find she hadn't eaten it! Ah well. She didn't eat most of her peas either.

Mama's Lunch
Very Pink Dip,  toasted "Everything" bagel thin w/cream cheese,
strawberries, regular and golden raspberries, snow peas
The berries were from a U-Pick strawberry place we went to with my sister and her kids, and her raspberry patch in her garden. The cherries (in Z's lunch) and peas (in both lunches) were from our organic CSA.

Friday 8/10/12 - Went to the kitchen to make her requested breakfast PBJ (with GWAPE jelly!) only to discover that the brand-new loaf of bread we had bought only 5 days previous, with a "sell by" date of THAT DAY, was coated in mold! Ewww! Turns out Trader Joe's bread is notorious for this. So head's up. If you aren't going to go through an entire loaf of Trader Joe's bread in 2-3 days, store half in the freezer, and the rest in the fridge.
She would accept no substitutes ("Go get MORE bwead!") until I offered her my special "wibbly crackers." The Special K MultiGrain and Savory Herb Crackers are our favorites! I can't decide which flavor I like best. We call them "wibbly crackers" because they have those scalloped edges and I was trying to ask her what kind of crackers she wanted one time, and was describing the different ones we had, and that's the description I came up with: "The ones with the wibbly edges." So it stuck.
She agreed to ham and cheese on wibbly crackers.
Since the Special K crackers are pretty small, the FunBites CubeIt! squares are the perfect size!

Tuesday, 8/14/12 - We had a dentist appointment for Z, followed by Little Gym camp, and Mama forgot to pack a lunch the night before. So I threw this together in about 3 minutes!
PB-chocolate almond butter sandwich, cheese stick, green beans,
Failure Brownies, apples 

Wednesday, 8/15/12 - Mama had an early-ish doctor appointment, so I made sure we had lunches packed to act as breakfast as well, if needed.
Mini banana, toasted ham and cheese on sandwich rounds, green beans,
blackberries and Bing cherries, Failure Brownies
The Failure Brownies were a failed attempt to alter a zucchini-carrot blondies bar recipe by adding cocoa powder and chocolate chips instead of honey. There will be no blog post, as they were not delicious. Blech. [Update: I lied. Here's the post. Check out the recipe I flubbed up and try it the RIGHT way!]

Mama's Lunch/Family Snack
Pink Dip, sugar snap peas, broccoli, blueberries,
hummus, doggie-bag rice and sweet chicken
I packed this in case we wouldn't be home in between my appointment and Z's summer camp, so I packed a spork for my leftover rice and sweet chicken (from some kind of Asian-style restaurant at the Asian food court at our mall.) But I ended up eating it at home. With some help. Since it was kind of set up like a veggie and dip tray, I laid it out in the computer room and Z and I shared the blueberries, veggies, and dips. Even Baby got in on the act, and licked hummus off a pea pod I kept re-dipping for her. She really loves the savory flavored foods!

Saturday, 8/18/12 -  Snacker box for our day at Nana's. Since Z discovered a love for mustard-covered-pretzels at Nana's (since I had okayed them thinking they were plain pretzels, only to discover they were filled with yellow #5) I packed her a safer version as a special treat. She actually likes it this way more, since she gets the fun of dipping her pretzels as well as eating them!
Green beans, sourdough hard pretzels, mustard, strawberries

Monday, 8/20/12 - MOMables Monday - Thinking Outside the {bento} Box Edition!
Strawberries, carrots, and MOMables Wafflewiches
For the first time ever, I happened to have everything needed to make this MOMables lunch recipe, so we gave it a go! Mama had some for her lunch too! I chose one of her divided plates just to make it more fun, and to keep the foods from rolling around too much.

Baby's Eats
One of Baby's favorites this month was when I made a "mash-up" [har har] of frozen cubes of Cherry Baby Mash, Squished Squash, and Pureed Kale Mash. She also especially enjoyed my Green Mashed Potatoes and some food-processored Collard Greens-Beans-and-Rice Curry.

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