Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They're [Almost] HERE!

Remember that cookbook I mentioned a while ago? The one featuring 32 other people and ME? IT'S ALMOST HERE!

You can even see a sneak peek of some of the pages here!
Trader Joes Easy Lunchboxes Cookbook Mock-up

You can wait until the book comes out and buy it at a store with actual books, shelves, and perky/pretentious salespeople (this Saturday, the 15th, I think. What? I need to remember to feed my kids AND keep track of dates and things? Please.)
Or you can pre-order it online at Amazon! You don't even have to figure out the actual day (since I can't be trusted!) and remember to buy it later! They'll just ship it magically to you when it arrives! Elves, I assume.
As of this second, it's almost $8.50 off the cover price! That's like... some kind of percent off! (What? I need to know maths too?) Regularly $24.95 (shoot. Just call it $25!)

If you live near Pasadena, CA, you can get your book signed by THE Kelly Lester on October 4th at Vroman's book store! You might be able to get in to see her without camping out on the sidewalk 24-hours in advance too! No promises, though.

And while you're at it, the new Mini Dippers leak-resistant containers are now available on Amazon too! May as well tack on an order of those while you're at it!
Mini Dippers by EasyLunchboxes leak-resistant small containers

Did I mention I earn a kickback affiliate credit if you buy through one of my links? Hint hint.

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