Sunday, September 30, 2012

All-Natural Preschool Snacks, September 2012 Week 4

Monday, September 24 through Thursday, September 27
While it's also an added job to remember do each day, I'm kind of enjoying getting to be creative with her snacks, without the self-inflicted pressure to make it cute and themed each day, like with Z's lunches.

Naturebox Asian rice crackers, shelled edamame beans, strawberries
For the soy beans, I chose a lion pick (to kind of fit the cute animal theme, since my cute seal picks hadn't arrived yet.)
The Asian rice cracker assortment was one of the snacks in our August Naturebox. I love these because the chili crackers aren't all spicy and mouth-burnery like most of the assortments I can find at the store. Plus these are all natural, so I know they're safe!

The Mamegoma box is a hand-me-down from Kidlet at Bento for Kidlet. Squeee!

CoJack cheese, Rosemary Crisps crackers, purple carrot flowers, cheddar Chickadees crackers
I chose to put her snack in a burgundy Lock and Lock box with dividers, even though it holds way more food than she needs. But I wanted to include a wider range of items, so this was the perfect box for that.

To help break up the monotony of orange, I used some new bright colored square silicone cups I found on eBay (imported from China or someplace.) So pretty! Plus they kept the box clean! I only had to wash the lid (and the cheese-filled silicone cup, of course! The others just needed a quick rinse and wipe.)

Strawberry, carrot flowers, edamame, TJ's version of Pirate Booty
The carrots, strawberry, and edamame were left over from her snack the previous two days.

The Paperchase boxes are another Kidlet hand-me-down!

Horizon Organic milk box, TJ's version of Veggie Straws chips, Kale Chips, smoked Gouda cheese
Since our new mini 1-tier block box had arrived, I wanted to use it right away! To go with it, I made her Gouda into little Lego bricks too!
After cutting some rectangles freehand, I chopped one in half to make squares. I used one of the eyes from my faces cutters to make the circles (and the assist tool from my CuteZCute to pop them out easy-peasy!) but a bit of straw probably would have done the trick. To get them to stick I just put them all on then smooshed them down. Gouda is softer and creamier than cheddar, so they stuck on real good!
She was extremely excited about her cheese Legos! And as an added bonus, we found a fuzzy caterpillar outside the door at school, and were able to transport him (or her!) home in her snack box! I just offset the lid a little to leave a slice of space for air to get in, then secured it with the strap!

  Lacquer Block Bento Lunch Box 2 tier with Chopsticks and Cold Gel Pink Japanese Bento Accessory Cute Food Pick Animal 10 pcs for Bento Box Lock&Lock Square Bento Lunch Box 3-pcs Set with Insulated Bag

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