Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do You See What I Sea?

Monday, 7/23/12 - Second "Lunch" of the day, since I wanted to have enough ready-to-go meals to last her through Summer Camp, swim class, and the long drive to visit my sister.

Do You See What I Sea?
Hot dog, cherries, ketchup, Greek yogurt w/cinnamon, Honey Kale Chips
Sea Animals: I used my knife to try and cut octopus/squid and crab shapes into a nitrate-free hot dog (Trader Joe's.) I didn't really have a theme in mind, other than we were out of bread and ham and about to go out of town, so my options were limited. And I can't just make a hot dog! It has to be cut into cute little shaaaaaapes!

Surf and Turf: I wasn't in the mood to cut more cheese, and I had a compartment free for some yogurt, so I decided to do that. I used some Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt and mixed in cinnamon. Well. I tried making a boat shape out of cinnamon, but after two failed attempts, I just mixed it in. There. Now it looks kind of like sand. Totally intentional!
And the Honey Kale Chips might have been tossed in because they look like seaweed, or that could just be a fortunate happenstance. You'll never know.

The spoon (BPA-free from Dollar Tree) and silicone Cool Straw for her yogurt are tucked under the hot dog divider (from Daiso.) She likes slorping her yogurt through a straw, and the Cool Straws are wide and perfect for that. Plus they're reusable, which makes me happy.

Don't ask me what the cherries are supposed to be. Like I said, I didn't really have a theme in mind when I threw this together, other than to use up what we had before going out of town for a few days! But she correctly identified the hot dog animals (although she couldn't decide if the ends were octopi or squids. Neither could I!) and asked what the seaweed was for, until she realized what she had said. Then she laughed at herself and said that she liked that I put Kale Chips in to be seaweed.

After her early morning gym camp, followed by her first lunch and then her swim class, she conked out on the 90-minute drive out to my sister's house. I was not shocked in the least!
She managed to snarf down most of her lunch first. Everything but the hot dog crab and a few cherries.



  1. Awww, how sweet. Love the stubby lil octopi.

  2. Te cherries could be beach balls ! Or buoys in the ocean!

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I published a guest post today at Homemakers Challenge and I featured you and your fabulous lunches! Thanks for your blog! I enjoy it! =) - Signed, A Fellow Easy Lunchbox fan!!! http://homemakerschallenge.com/2012/08/08/fun-with-easy-lunch-boxes/#comments


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