Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Doghouse

Wednesday, 8/1/12 - Not sure what happened, but the photos of this lunch were hiding somewhere out of chronological order in my August folder, and then had jumped to another folder when I went looking to belatedly post about this one! Weird. But I found them finally. Hardly worth all the hullabaloo though!

PB-something sandwich, champagne grapes, broccoli w/carrots
I chose the dog Lunch Punch as a nod to Animal Week at Little Gym, and as I recall I banged this lunch out pretty quickly before we headed out. Maybe five-minutes start to finish. Well, okay, ten-minutes if you count sorting through my sandwich and veggie cutters, plus staring into the fridge and making a zillion trips back and forth for each ingredient.
I had thought about doing dog-bone cheese shapes, but apparently it fled my mind, as there's a distinct absence of cheese here!

I can't remember what's in the sandwich, other than peanut butter and either Nutella (if I'd still had any left back then,) or chocolate almond butter. Or possibly honey. But if it makes you not judge me feel better about this being a balanced lunch with all the food groups represented, you can pretend it was (uncured) ham and cheese. ☺
Orange and yellow carrot coins (organic, along with the broccoli, from my CSA) were cut with a flower veggie cutter.
Mama's Lunch
Lettuce salad w/raspberries, blueberries, carrots, raisins, almonds and
Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. Pink Dip, sugar snap peas, broccoli
Since Z's been demanding that everything in her lunches fits the "theme" (while often I'm just tossing in whatever will go bad soonest!) I had to come up with answers on the fly.
"What are the grapes supposed to be, Mama?"
"Uh... dog poops. Er, no wait. Dog kibble. Yeah. Dog kibble."
"And what about the broccoli and carrots?"
"Uhh... Trees and flowers, since dogs like to pee on them. I mean play outside in the garden."

She gobbled down every bite. And decided that some of the grapes were, in fact, pretend dog poops.


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